Kit to buy for an Op Tour

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by napier, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    As suggested, here is a sticky for your suggested extras. I will trim it occasionally to prevent duplication, so don't be upset if your post disappears.
  2. If taking a laptop, get a cooling pad, the heat wrecks the motherboard.
    Maplins sell them cooling pad gizmo

    Yankee PX sells toiletries cheap, and coffee too...ok, everything if its big enough, like the one on Camp Victory, leathermans, surefires ect...oh and LCD TV's in 220v
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  3. Not much call for LCD tv's in a FOB.
  4. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    If you're off to Iraq, then don't take:

    Lots of t-shirts
    Lots of socks

    Just make sure you do your dobie every day and don't wait until you have a pile. Grab at least three more dobie bags for the laundry service, or do it yourself.
    I took shedloads of socks and t's, thinking I'd be needing at least three a day. After you climatise, it's not that bad unless you go out, then you'll sweat like a rapist and need a change, but wash that kit as soon as you have time to and it'll be good for the next day. Even if it's just a wet soak to get the sweat out.

    Don't use deodorant. Only cobbites smell nice. Take a walk around Brigade to see what I mean. You'll think you've walked into a House of Fraiser fragrances department.
    Apart from anything else, it stops you sweating by blocking pores.

    Take some cheap and big moisturiser in case you start getting dry skin.

    Take at least two or three different sizes of paintbrush for weapon cleaning. From tiny to standard size for generals and lmg's.

    Oh, and don't buy expensive gucci crap like torches etcetc. What you get issued does the job, really. Resist the PX when you get to Camp Virginia.
    If you're going to go out the gates, do take a cheap pair of tough fabric gloves that you can cut the fingers off of. Like Oakleys, but cheaper, preferably.

    Go to Oxfam or another charity shop and get yourself lots of cheapo books that you like the look of, that you wont mind leaving behind. Alternatively, go to your local library, get them to donate a few boxes of discarded books, and get your QM to ship them out in his freight. That's what I did, and it was excellent. We got about fifty books for nothing, took them out in his iso's, read them, and left them for the next lot.

    Don't take consoles or any pish like that, chances are they'll either fry, or get a power surge and blow up, as happened to one of the lads Xbox.

    Oh, and tip of the day, if you have dobie you want done that night, normally it's a two day turnaround, if not three. Take it to the laundry with two or three dollars and ask the guy for it back tonight. Fastest I ever had was four hours turnaround, and that was a full bag.

    Use your common sense. We deployed a lot, and half the stuff I took out to Iraq with me, I never once took out the gate.
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  5. Some useful tips, good idea about the laptop cooler. We're off next month and it's my first tour.
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  6. Ha ha unlucky and good luck.
  7. No Xbox on a tour?? Buy a surge protector and take it. (If you have space for the TV that is) :)
  8. Coffee grinder, cafetier jobby, sack o'beans, proper cup 'n saucer.

    If you care for such things!
  9. Apologies for intrusion.

    I was looking for some equipment that might come useful for camping and came upon "Assault Force Slash Resistant Glove" which has nothing to do with camping :) , but made me wonder why Slash Resistant glove doesn't protect the wrist?

    Sorry for a muppet question and thank you for your answer.
  10. Glove Resistant Slash, was originally designed for self harmer's. And you are quite correct it doesnt protect the wrist. However the wearing of a full size Kermit the Frog would protect the wrist.

    So really it was a Muppet question.
  11. I was just curious.

    However Kermit the Frog would look a treat next to a plumage on your beret.
  12. PC World also: 2 versions, both cheaper than Maplin.
    AKASA - 15.4" BLACK NOTEBOOK COOLERProduct code: 457543 = £24.99
    ADVENT - 15.4" NOTEBOOK COOLERProduct code: 603391 = £19.99
    I've got the Akasa - good kit.

    Also, on Amazon - this for under a tenner:
  13. Found this little gem, retails for £60 elsewhere!

  14. I took an Archos MP4 player loaded with my favourite films/TV series. It was invaluable for what little down time I had... for an initially high outlay it was great and saved having to take out DVD's (and wrecking them). It's also great for the flights as it takes up a lot less space than a DVD player and disks. In the end it worked out cheaper and didn't deprive my family of their favourite DVDs.

    On a cheaper note - a sleeping bag liner. It made sleeping in the heat more bearable, and is great for putting in your day sack on the R&R flights.

    outstanding solar charger/ battery device, get the explorer so that you get both bits in a kit.
    mine came with plugs for, PSP, Ipod, USB (normal & mini) lots of mobile phones, a generic 2.DC connector and a worldwide mains charger.
    Also you can buy extra tips fo about 2.50 each for other phones DS etc etc