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Hope you enjoy our latest blog post and would be very interested to hear from anyone who has used something similar.

Molle fittings, or Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) as they should be more properly described, have become almost completely ubiquitous on tactical load carrying systems, such as battle belts, body armour and daysacks. When properly set up the fittings are incredibly strong with the interwoven fabric straps ensuring that even heavily laden pouches stay firmly attached under pretty demanding conditions.

Whilst this is extremely useful for the vast majority of the time, there are occasions when it would be useful to have pouches that easily detach. One such situation is when you’ve got a casualty and need to lay out medical equipment next to them as you start treatment. Another is if you need to quickly pass equipment in a pouch from one person to another, perhaps under fire or in a confined space.

A number of manufacturers have looked at this problem and come up with similar solutions. Basically they all comprise a large velcro pad with the PALS/Molle fittings on the back and some sort of quick release mechanism to which is secured the actual pouch. This isn’t rocket science but when you see one for the first time, it is difficult not to be impressed - often the simple ideas are the best!


Templar Assault Systems' take on this is their Rip Off Medic Pouch (ROMP) which is now available in Cyre Precision Multicam. Capable of carrying all the issue personal medical equipment it’s ideal for mounting on your Osprey Body Armour or battle belt, as per your Brigade or unit SOPs. To give you an idea of how it works, we’ve taken a set of photos which we think illustrates it perfectly.


The bottom line is that this is a piece of kit that we think is a valuable addition to anyone’s load carrying set up. Fingers crossed you’ll never need to use it but, like all the best insurance policies, we think you’ll be really chuffed to have it if you do!
Wouldnt it have been better to have the QR retaining strap run L to R instead of over/under, You could at least use the pouch for yourself without fear of it being ripped off the velcro in the prone. Especially when your velcro is full of sand and crap.

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