Kit that used to be Ally, but the Nippers haven't heard of..

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. Looking through my gargantuan collection of never-deployed kit, I've come across some items that where once the epitome of Squaddieness, but have now just faded away and mean nothing to the young thrusters.

    For example, I was once very, very proud to get hold of what we called a German Army Officers' Knife - a nice Victorinox penknife. I recently saw someone wearing Danner boots..

    Many others?

  2. I recall NBC suits with attached hoods being ally.

    Same with No.2 shirts with attached collars. They can't have been all that common when I joined as I was also issued with collar studs - that was almost as confusing as being issued two left anklets in addition to the puttees.

    And KF shirts that buttoned all the way down the front...

    1969 pattern combats were dead ally when the unlined replacements were brought in - especially at Otterburn on a frosty winter morning.

    I'd add wooden furniture, but I think the gist of your post is that we're supposed to have the item still in our possession.
  3. **** you I'm lovely and warm in my Norwegian army shirt.
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  4. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    How do you know?

    Were you looking through your gargantuan collection of kit prior to a Tuesday evening of part time Army dress up?

    I often use my matterhorn Balkan issue boots for booting pensioners
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  5. I could never understand how they achieved a reputation for allyness. Maybe it's because the first time I wore one, we started the day by wading through Hawley Lake. Had to roll the sleeves up three times to keep them inside my combat jacket. I may also have had to tuck the hem into my socks.
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  6. They just are! We got away with wearing them and they were warm. Over the years they shrink and eventually fit.
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  7. Buff belts made out of real leather.
  8. Wooden furniture plus 3 letters....
  9. And sometimes Norgies then continue to shrink until zipping one to the top is like self asphyxiation
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  10. -1356647806.jpg

    The BSA B40, coaxed 70mph out of one, then the horn fell off coz the front engine mounting bolt had sheared.:frustrated:
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  11. And didn't they fade to a lovely "stonewashed" shade which just screamed out "ally" when compared to the new issues?

    ...and they did look good when tailored to fit nicely under a flak jacket or for guard...


  12. My Danners are over 20 years old and as comfy as a pair of slippers.
  13. I used to ride one of them in Gibraltar in 1978 - they were used by DRs for the Fortress HQ. Out of six we had 3-4 running at any one time, but IIRC they were replaced with landrovers in early 1979.

    On my best day I clocked up just over 100 miles in one day riding around the rock (which is 2.5 miles long). Best bit was riding past South Barracks in the sunshine and while my old company was drilling in preparation for ceremonial duties.

    Great times!


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  14. Ahhhh, The B40................The thing weighed more than a Chieftain MBT, the petrol tank and frame had to be a forged alloy combining cast iron ballast blocks and lead. Piloting the beast beyond 13mph rattled body organs and bones so badly you'd think they were about to drop out of your arse. The supplied gear as in Greatcoat and a poncy helmet with leather sides did not make one look ally either. Come to think of it, when it rained the Greatcoat got heavier than the furkkin bike.

    How I managed to get my licence riding a B40 is beyond me, I'm still traumatized.
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  15. For some reason I always thought the Stalwart looked ally.
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