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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ordinaryforces, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. Firstly no disrespect to those deployed,I don,t want to get into a pissing contest.
    Right does anybody think that todays young thrusters are a bit to fashion conscious? I read all the time on here about how gash the issue kit is and how someone has just paid £900.00 for the latest style of boot, also it seems all the rage to buy your own webbing..ffs do the army not give you any these days? and as for berets..I,ll not even go there(besides you all wear them like Andy Capp) but I suppose it,s a generation thing really? the lads who wore BDs would have liked my OG combats and DMS and if truth be told I would have liked your gear...which in ten years time you,ll all be calling it rubbish in a "worst kit issued thread".
    Right thats the sensible bit out of the way and this is the NAAFI I think you,re all a bunch of fannies and your cashmere hd pullovers and silk undercrackers are winging their way to the QMs as we speak.

    I,ve just bought the latest leatherman ffs what was wrong with a clasp knife with that pointy bit on it for getting boy scouts out of horses hooves.
  2. Shouldnt you be just limiting yourself in thoughts about whats the best kit, to what are the best adult incontinence pants you dribbling old fart?
  3. i think most of todays "young thrusters" would be extreamly happy with a couple issue magazine pouches, a patrol sack and a claymore bag! well if they are anything like me they will

    ive not bought kit since 2005 and ive been away a few times

    thing is people who buy the expensive kit are more likely to ask questions on these kinna forums. it gives the illusion they are greater in number than they really are
  4. There are times when I had similar thoughts.
  5. This thought?
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    And here is proof of what crystal meth can do to a person.
  7. That has puzzled me since joining this forum, granted I've been out of the loop for a long, long time. When did they start to let you wear your own kit? Back in my day you could have spent your entire pay on the best kit going but you weren't fucking allowed to wear/use it on duty!
  8. Bearing in mind that most Nig Squaddies are in their teens or early twenties and easily led then yes it's a catwalk out there all the latest fashions are on display, the more money spent the better the 'Look'.
  9. Come on, we have all been there, i remember the fabled days of mates of mine selling "Andy McNab Style Smocks" to recruits at depots for more than they cost brand new, knowing they couldnt be worn when they got to their units. Not least because they were threadbare and ruined.

    When i was a much younger guy I bought a fair amount of stuff:

    Decent boots
    Decent headtorch
    Decent gas burner
    Decent metal mug
    Softee jacket (Before they went on issue)
    And other associated webbing kit

    All of the above helps make life a little comfier in the field and it invariably turns into the usual, my *insert thing here* is better than yours.

    Unfortunately it does tend to lead to the catwalk mentality but most people grow out of it pretty quickly, mainly because it's expensive and unecessary.

    If anyone knows 'The Dog' from 1IG, you will be able to back me up that he never wears any item of kit he hasnt bought himself.....
  10. it's all part of "I want to be in the team, but an individual, within the team". Soldiers have always done this to some extent......(look at the pictures of the LRDPG, Monty in N Africa, Slim with his slouch hat and loan service guys in Oman, etc) some of it is to be "gucci/ally/bollo" depending on your regiment but some of it is just that it suits their role/mind-set better than the issue gear. Now don't get me wrong, the issue gear is better than it has ever been, but, the drive to be "better/different" in young soldiers/officers shouldn't be too stamped on. Thank good they are taking an interest and have the will to rise above the average ?
  11. I bought my own pen and pencil set for use in the office because the stuff from Lyreco was pants. Does that count?
  12. depends if they were go-faster, write further, Mont Blanc look-a-likes ?
  13. Write smoother and clearer Parker 45 types. Mont Blanc pens are just for officers who want to look clever, without actually having the ability to write in anything resembling English.
  14. God help us all if there are officers who reckon that using a rip-off-bought-on-holiday Mont Blanc will increase their street cred and intellectual capability..............I weep for the future.
  15. What a gay old fart thing to say, you even said yourself people back in your day (presumably back when fighting the fuzzy-wuzzys) spent money on kit, the only difference now is the quality is better and soldiering is now recognised more globally as a profession and more importantly a business opportunity, even pre telic 1 the only ally bits of kit blokes had was a windproof, maybe a gas burner and a munro, times change and we aren't just going over the water now where all you needed could be squeezed into said Munro. Now one piece of fancy new kit you might be interested in are the new catheter bags....