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I was recently given a new XXL muiltcam UBACS, which is way to big if anyone has a new or very good conductiond one in large and would swap or trade, I have other pices of kit that may be of interest to someone.


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Book Reviewer
No im waiting to join the army but my cousin was a para and I was given a load of his kit,
Why worry then, you'll be given all the kit you need, when and if you need it, UBACS not being much use in Phase 1 or 2.
Ignore everyone on here. You need all the kit you can get for phase one training. The more stuff you turn up with the keener you'll seem. Your instructors will absolutely love you!

Personally, I rocked up for basic training dressed like a WW2 concentration camp guard. I looked fantastic!
Boom, I've got an obsolete desert cot vest we could swap. If you wanna say 'in your face' to the noobs in your intake, well PM me and impress your DS.

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