Kit shortages?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brewmeister, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. Can't be that bad. Page 8 of today's Telegraph shows an American mortar team firing British ammo.
  2. Shortage of kit is expected in the army and squaddies just have a grumble and get on with it. Also expected is over-excessive dramatics by the media on the subject every time they have a quiet day.

    When I joined in the late 80s, I had to buy so much of my own kit it was just stupid. To do my job properly, I had to replace my crinkly (not very) waterproofs with Goretex ones, replace the 58 pattern backpack with a bergen, replace the over-weight water-magnet dossbag with a lightweight waterproof civvy one and so on.

    Modern squaddies have the same problems... we could all be doing with better issued equipment but it's often simpler just to buy your own.
  3. Guess you haven't done an op tour recently, correct?

    The personal issue kit is pretty comprehensive and does the job. It seems that we fall down on the bigger items...
  4. Not for a while, no :D

    I'm just going on the stories I hear from those I know still serving. I also had a son's friend join recently then get an unsympathetic ear from us when he was whining about poor quality equipment. :D
  5. It's not about personal kit, I was just surprised to see Yanks using our ammunition. It's normally the other way round.
  6. Hardly surprising seeing that their mortar system is prettty much the same as ours. We have arrangements for cross servicing with most of our allies and in general we have been using a lot more of theirs than they use ours.
  7. It's almost exactly the same, just a different sight and the weird bucket thingy on the muzzle.

    I've frequently used American 81mm mortar ammo but seeing that they seem to have such excellent kit of their own, wasn't aware that they used ours. The picture doesn't seem to be online but they are clearly firing British L54 Illum.