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Refurbished military cooker given a lifeline in Gibraltar
10 Feb 06

An old military cooker that has lay unused and unwanted for over thirty years has been refurbished and put to work in the cookhouse after a soldier spent months having it restored to its former glory.

The cooker, one of a pair, originally resided in Mount Misery until the pair were moved in the early 1970's to a site in Peterborough Adit, where until recently they were a feature of Sergeant Major Pete Jackson’s tour of the military tunnels.

Pete decided that they should have a more prominent resting place and, along with Wing Commander Adrian Dingle, mounted a rescue operation aimed at refurbishing and relocating the cookers.

So, after several months of refurbishment work conducted by RAF Gibraltar, the Devils Tower cookhouse was finally presented with the cooker at a short ceremony on Thursday 2 February 2006. The cooker will now be used to cook egg-banjos, reheat sausage rolls and burn chips to a cinder.

Pete Jackson, a Sergeant Major with the Royal Gibraltar Regiment, said:

"For a number of years the cookers have formed part of the standard military World War Two tunnel tour that I, and others, have run. The cookers which were sited in Peterborough Adit needed a more permanent home because of the risk of vandalism and the dampness in the tunnels.

"I happened to mention this to Wing Commander Dingle, Commanding Officer of the Joint Support Unit in BF Gibraltar, who coordinated a rescue operation with Sea King helicopters and the RAF Regt to refurbish and resite the cookers.

"One of the two cookers has now been presented to the Gibraltar Heritage Trust. The manufacturer is unknown but the cock and balls motif on the side is associated with Le Creuset cooking equipment. I would be interested to hear from anyone who might be able to help track down the cooker's origins."

The extremely detailed refurbishment was carried out by military personnel based in the Ground Engineering Section of RAF Gibraltar, Chief Tech Goodwin and Corporals Griffiths and Mills. Work included rust removal, spot welding and painting. In addition Cammell Laird kindly shot-blasted the cookers, which almost certainly date back to the 1940s and were either coal or coke fuelled. Neither cooker bears a manufacturers name but they do sport a big cock etched on the side, an emblem that is associated with Le Creuset cookware. The other of the pair will eventually reside in the new KFC at Devil’s Tower Camp in Gibraltar.

FFS!! RQ, get down to Currys and buy a new bloody cooker!

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