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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by LCPL_Bull, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. I recently purchased some comfort items of kit from RVOPs and thought i might as well share my thoughts with you, So:

    LOWE ALPINE SARACEN 120Lt DPM BERGEN: Fantastic piece of kit very robust, hard wearing and best of all adjustable back size for added comfort, this really can take any load of your shoulders. 10/10

    Exped Waterproof drybags bergen Collection:
    2x 13lt side pocket dry bags and 1x 110lt main compartment bag. perfect for keeping kit dry does what it says on the tin really. 8/10

    Exped waterproof drybags multipack:
    pack contains 1x XS 1x S 1x M 1x L drybags as above but varying sizes. 8/10

    Ranger super lite sleeping bag: perfect 2/3 season sleeping bag that packs down to almost nothing perfect for UK temperate conditions this is second one in 7 years (other one got ripped) overall great for weight reduction but maintaining warmth. 9/10

    Multimat 3/4 size OG: this is so much better than the issue roll mat self inflates in just over 1 min so u can sort out your own admin, but can be manually inflated when needed. Keeps you warm and adds plenty of insulation when dossing. 10/10

    RVOPS Basha Poles: No frills does what it says on the tin very robust and well made. 8/10

    Bivvy zip marker ring great piece of kit. Perfect for kit ID in the dark comes in a variety of colours and 2 sizes. 8/10

    Lowa Patrol Boot(NON-GORE TEX)
    very comfy requires no breaking in and dry very fast if they get wet which is hardly ever brilliant for keeping feet toasty and dry on stag. 10/10

    Petzl E+lite great mini head torch very robust and very handy in the field,perfect for keeping hands free.9/10

    Any questions about above please ask.
    I am also looking in to buying the All Arms Webbing Complete set by vanguard from kit monster if anyone has this belt kit please share opinions.
    Thanks Bull :D (edited for mongness)
  2. are you still a cadet ?
  3. yes, why do you ask?
  4. Then you have FAR too much money.

    Keen kit won't impress the girls you know. Try cider and vodka, worked for me when I was a lad. :wink:
  5. How can you make comments like 'very robust'....what in the sweetie queue? you hardly put kit through it's paces in CADETS!!
  6. The comments are given based on a week attending an infantry battle camp with 37CTT which is a lot tougher than a standard cadet fieldcraft exercise.
  7. Wah.
  8. no, really i think he is serious... 8O

    what you gona review next month bull, this could be a regular feature :roll:

    fancy a book review :lol:

  9. I don't need a 120 litre bergen for a months hard living and my kit is twice as big as anyone elses! The bergen must have been great fr lugging from the coach to the accommodation! Well worth it!

    STOP buying kit. The issue kit is getting better all the time. Save your money.
  10. *shakes head*
  11. Seriously... What the feck.

    If its a toss up between DPM kit and drugs enjoy your new webbing.

    If not save your money for feck sake!
  12. your missing the point closet_jibber, do you know just how many cans of stella (or shoot fruits) you can kit in a 120 litre bergen?
  13. Aren't Bergans for spare socks and your doss bag?
  14. I don't know about you young lads taking drugs fella, but you must be selling it to be able to buy all that Shiiiiiiite. I might do it as resettlement course. It'll pay the morgage.
  15. And did it really require multiple threads?
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