Kit recognition for Yanks



i think in the heat of battle you don't have time to check out what is pointed at you , in battle a split second is the difference between life and death , admittedly spam training isn't up to our standard with regards to target recognition .


I just covered up the above pic..asked my two kids to tell me what the WEAPON was....uncovered second unison...CAMERA!!
No training...10 year old kid....BRITISH.
God help the Iraqis. :x
No fukcing excuse
I almost slotted a cameraman who decided to poke his camera round a corner, I actually thought at the time it was a rocket launcher. Luckily for him one of my patrol was able to see more of him than me and warned me in time. A street corner in N Ireland is not the best of places to poke large round objects around. Iraq, a difference, he was in the open and had just been given permission by the spams to film, don't mind God help the locals, what about our troops!!
i dont like sticking up for yanks but from a distance compare to a milan
Q- What's the difference between a British Tank and an Iraqi Tank?

A - Don't know!

Welcome to the American army! :wink:

Just for your benefit

Yeah, got me, a shoulder launched Milan (?) and a Nikon Panaflex. Difficult aint it.
Of course the experienced cameraman was in the prone position with his number 2 (sound man). AND the Iraqis have simply large amounts of milans just lying around at the disposal of militia? Ill bet the crew of the tank (M1 or Bradley?) would have been bricking themselves during the 'heat of battle', mortar attack. As we know, a mortar will kill the top of the range, height of technology main battle tank or AFV. So I guess it's OK.

This will continue and just as we have learnt, continue to whack innocents, the locals will get a bit unhappy at the 'security forces' and will take up arms.

We, as Brits moan at doing ATD's every year but at least it might save the live of one innocent person.

This is becoming too much of a regular occurrence.

I'm not there, so I'm not in their position. BUT, a nanosecond of thought prevents zippoing small villages just cos they looked a bit slanty eyed.
the yanks guarding the prison had given permison it was a tank escorting a convoy that killed the journlist.
Its very easy for to see weapons when you looking for weapons ask
anyone who has been on the urban ranges and i guess they dont train there tank gunners to distinguish between civi/terrorists they have enough difficulty telling who is a freindly tank.
Did a cqb range years a go the last couple of targets were shot /no shot and being usless stabs several people engaged the no shot target a few even hit it :D . On debreif one soldier a south african was asked why he had shot the civillian he looked up and said "BUT he was Black" the next words he said were"OH SHIT" when he realised the colour of the sgt running the range who just smiled pointed at a tree about a km away and the hapless soldier set off for a run :D
Hey Flashy!

This is from a mate who also knows you and wanted to make a post.

"Flashheart a teeny weenie airway pilot must be just as thick as the spams as he
cant tell a tank from an APC." One of your mates is ****ing glad he is now a
civi and no longer in a armoured vehicle. If the AAC start talking about
recognition and no **** all about AFVs, lets keep the Apache on the ground until
they can get the basics right!"
If you're far enough that you can't tell the difference then surely you're far enough to not be hurt by it?

Civilian_In_Green said:
If you're far enough that you can't tell the difference then surely you're far enough to not be hurt by it? :?
CiG, pin your lug holes back.

So what your saying is you cant ID a Challie at, say 800m's, therefore your safe?

You cant see an SF GPMG at 500m, your safe?

You cant see an Apache at 3K's, your safe?


Do you want to rethink?
#20 retrospect...

...i'm bloody wrong again

(safe? ...battlefields sound awfull dangerous, you could be killed instantly by three different things without seeing any of them! Harsh)

I like the comfort of air-conditioning and armour-plating.


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