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Just wondering if anyone can point me in the general direction of some spray starch, it says on my joining instructions that I need some but I'm having trouble finding some.

And also on the joining instructions it says that you need a 'metre of black, inch wide, elastic', any ideas what for.

Cheers 8O


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Spray starch can be bought at any large supermarket of domestic hardware type shops such as Robert Dyas or Wilkinsons.

Don't spray too much on and let it soak in rod a few seconds otherwise you just cook it onto the iron and stain your clothes.
Spray Starch, when you're new to it at least, will be better applied to the inside of your trousers, as then if it does leave white marks it won't be on the outside.
What are you joining?

Spray starch is bollocks, you just need shit loads of water and **** loads of steam!

And the elastic will be for your helmet for CBRN.
Not sure if the balck Elastic is for CBRN

As this is not something that should be taught to soldiers or trainees it should be 2 extra keyrings or a legnth of para cord attached to chin strap metal hole you already use.

Main reason elastic is not tuaght is if you bend down you helmet falls off and can also pull off the seel of of the suit and respirator. or you tie it to tight to strangle you.

Army Rizzle - sorry not taking the psis this is the new ideas that are out and have been for well over 3 years since i started doing my CBRN Instructors training.
agree with watto on cbrn point. our cbrn instructor went off on a bender when some of our boys put the black elastic on the helmets and told us the same reason namely strangulation.

as for starch. waste of time and money. lots of water and steam does the job nicely and a tin of spray starch in the footlocker just in case training staff ask to see it
Word of advice my friend, once you have done a certain amount of ironing during your basic training you will soon realise spray starch is a complete waste of time and money much better spent doing something else. And I am sure any self respecting soldier would agree "It's fekking lazy" using starch and eventually leads to horrible white stains. Not a good look on DPM!!!!!!!!
Get a tin and take it with a thin tea towel so you have everything it says on your joining instructions. Your section Cpl and Sgt then will either teach you how to iron using it or tell you its a waste of space and they hate it. At least then for the sake of a couple of quid from wilkinsons or about £4 from the rip off spar you will be saving your self the hassle of not having the required kit from your platoon staff.
I found starch spray pretty useless, cause when I did use it, it just makes your uniform sticky.. I can iron just as good by pressing down hard on the creases.. :O But still i'd buy it just incase, it's a bad feeling when someone has something that you don't.. you feel like you are less equiped ;)
Sorry to dig this one up, just thought it would save another post...

Does anyone know if I can take me footie boots to catterick? For when you do sports, or do you have to use your PT trainers? Cheers :D

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