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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by on_the_wallop, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. I am interested in knowing how you blokes set up your kit. I hear a lot about grab bags, day sacks etc and am wondering what are the contents. Mission specific I gather, but what is in there. Is it a practice for you to place on your day bag as soon as you dump packs? I also see that you are fans of wearing the smock. What's in this then as opposed to day bags/webbing? There are probably threads already covering this and if I get pointed in that direction then that's fine. Also, what is the preferred option; Belt Kit or Battle Vest? Cheers fellas.
  2. All you need is enough space to fit all your BB's.
  3. Me, personally I kept notepad, knife, racing spoon (on cord of course) fags, lighter, roll of paracord minimum in smock, webbing is personal but I always went with enough to survive on for a min of 24hrs!! (who knows when you'll next see your bergan once you've dumped it when contact begins??)

    But as said it's personal. If your new glean all you can from those who have been in Batt for a while and then take the best bits that take your fancy.

    Good luck and remember, today an undone pocket, tomorrow an undone submarine hatch!!
  4. if you're driving, chest rig all the way
  5. Ha ha.... now then, be nice !!!!! :D
  6. "Packs" aren't dumped in the UK as is the habit over here. As the CQMS is on the ball, motivated, trustworthy and keen to do the right thing by the blokes, "Bergans" are often cached or left for fwd loading by the CQ allowing the Pls to stomp about without their house on their backs. My bergan used to just contain by sleeping gear, spare kit and some extra scoff. The rest is carried in webbing, daysack or on the person. My daysack was twice as heavy as my bergan most of the time - until I came across the luxury of a Warrior - 27 Tonnes of webbing!

    Life in the Aussie Army is different. I see people humping huge packs about often including about 15 litres of water amongst other things. As the CQs are very much the 2nd eleven and have grown up in a culture of not working for the blokes the friction is sad to see, not to mention the huge f*ck fight when you "dump packs". I hate that!

    Daysacks are a must, as is a Combat jacket. That said - it gets bleedin hot over here!
  7. Should look like this:
  8. EX_STAB, That doesn't look too different to what we've bearing lately. LOL. Joking of course... that stuff looks better. OZ_DUKE, You bring up a good point reference dumping of packs and then going to get them during or after the Battlefield Clearance. Nothing annoyed me more than having to do that, especially if it was in the 'J' and it was getting dark. Oh the horrible memories.
  9. Ex Stab .....What museum was that photograph taken in
  10. I always kept a full mag in my top left pocket.
  11. Bullets and water.
  12. I wouldn't want to p1ss on anyone's parade but as a cadet instrutor are you really in a strong position to give out this sort of hard-earned advice?

  13. don't forget your torch! all you need is to be fumbling around for that in the dark and no i dont have one of those stupid head torches
  14. Listen to those who have been humping about for a while as a previous post has stated by mark 1s, and the best way is to practice, when you f uck it up and look like a numpty rolling about in the dark looking for a bit of kit that should be to hand, youll get the jist. Assault vest for me but I might change my mind, so no real help there sorry, take both!!!