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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Whiskey_60, Apr 7, 2007.

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  1. Not too sure if this has been discussed already, but whats everyone think of the drop leg mag pouches? Does anyone have any positive or negative experiences with them?

    I haven't used one myself (hence the discussion) i think that grabbing magazines would be easier with them on you're left leg but then what would you put in your beltkit ammo pouches? Mars bars? Are they a little too yank and would the old and bold RSMs ever consider even letting them be used within line inf circles and especially on the ranges?

    I've seen the bootnecks using them in the stan if thats anything to go by.
  2. What would I put in my belt kit ammo pouches? more ammo!

    They must have their merits or the boys wouldn't be using them on ops.
    Can't see the Razz Man being happy with them when not though.
  3. More magazines? on ex? How many blank magazines do you're lot get issued per man!?

    Aye the badge is the only thing putting me off the idea right now... Perhaps in time those who's pay packet we envy will warm upto the idea of drop leg this and that outside of those sandy places.
  4. Do they stop you using the map pocket?
  5. When your stuck on the camp gate or operating as a driver in one of the sandpits they are ideal, i used a blackhawk 4 mag drop leg and it did its job well
  6. Our badge, apparently, thinks they are the mutts nuts and can't understand why they're not issued. :D

    I haven't worn them in use but they're a subject of much discussion here; the main advantage seems to be that they coincide well with osprey without adding to the bulk of your torso, as more pouches on the osprey/webbing over the top would. A lot of the guys from 4 Rifles seem to be using them.

    Personally, I'm envisaging using one for mags and then having a couple of utility pouches on my osprey, but we'll see.
  7. Our badge won't even approve Assault Vests unless you're working out of vehicles so theres no chance he'll warm up to drop leg anything anytime soon.

    RE map pocket, good question, depends how much you use it i suppose. I try to keep as little in them as possible just for ease of movement anyway. Maps i keep in my brecon pocket or if i'm wearing a vest then just in the dump pockets.

    As with all kit i guess its down to the wearers preference.
  8. Some months ago, we [Vanguard] were contacted by a senior nco of a unit deployed in a hot dusty place to help them overcome a problem they were experiencing with the new Osprey/Kestrel body armour. Namely, the bulk of the body armour was making it difficult to use traditional webbing systems.
    As a result, we developed a series of leg mounted pouches and platforms which are easily accessed, comfortable in use, adaptable and do not add to the bulk of Osprey.

    The response to the range has been phenonimal, [?] and we have been pleased with the feedback, thank you to all those that have been in touch.

    For more details, visit the web-site; go to dealers page and view. [these pouches are so new we have not even got them on our own site yet!]

  9. For Vanguard's drop leg ammo pouches in UK DPM look here:

    They also do some other leg mounted stuff by Vanguard here

    SASS are doing the leg ammo pouch too, looks like Vanguard but I can't be sure. Kit Monster seem to be cheapest for UK made.

    In-The-Van; nice to see you're still alive and blowing your own trumpet! Been using and recommending your kit for years, keep up the good work.
  10. there good for working from wimex/snatch if u wear osprey armour the extra mags u can carry r spot on
  11. In The Van, are you also making those Merlin pouches for Osprey/Kestrel? (see here
  12. Cancel my last. Answered my own question by reading the description properly.
  13. Drop leg pouchs are really a step in the right direction. I have bought 2 types now. 1 is the thigh pouch called the Blackhawk omega dump pouch and the double mag pouch for my mags. I bought the blackhawk pouches from a british company called The dump pouch is ideal for putting your mags away quickly while on the move, when you have fired off a mag just put it in the dump pouch on your thigh ... perfect until its time to re bomb, the thigh pistol holster is is also fantastic for vehicle moves and fast ropeing. when you have all your webbing on and carrying a pistol it makes sence to have it where you can get it quickly in your thigh ... so in short i love em!
  14. Does whering stuff on the legs affect mobility, re; vehicle mounted ops? personal experience anyone?
  15. me personally mate i hate having stuff in my trouser pockets cos its a pain in the ass when moving fast and adopting fire positions and from seeing some blokes wearing them in iraq they seemed to flap about quite a bit.
    i used one of those old south african rigs over the top of the osprey and it worked pretty well. they're basically designed for the sole purpose of carrying ammo and water so stops the temptation of ramming unnecessary crap in your kit.