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I'm a medic in the NZ Army, with a bit of a problem sorting my kit.

I've got an issue medpack but it's huge, it's good for keeping everything in for doing things like range covers but when pack marching or patrolling it's a right pain.

What a number of people tend to do is strap it to the top of their ALICE packs. Unfortunately this is awkward to carry and ugly. It can be convenient to have all the kit ready at hand but most of the stuff in the pack doesn't need to be readily accessible.

What I'm looking at doing is putting all my meds in a pouch in my pack ie. all the oral analgesia, antiemetics, antibiotics etc.

From there I'll get the emergency drugs and put them in a pouch on the outside of my pack packed so I can get to them easily ie. adrenaline, naloxone, salbutamol etc.

And on my person I'll have a pouch/satchel/pack/bag with my trauma kit in it.

This way when pack marching I can cram the small bag inside my ALICE pack which keeps it out of the way (and my profile slightly smaller).

If patrolling I can simply have the trauma kit with me rather than carting round all my nebulous crap.

Unfortunately all the medpacks I've seen online are also huge - geared more for a mass-casualty situation rather than for being a platoon medic who sees more coughs and colds than bullet holes.

Any recommendations for this situation?

Sounds shite but use a tough food storage type plastic box in a side pouch. Problem with drugs in soft packs is that they very often get smashed and sqished. Use a seperate one for emergency drugs. Agree, man bags, PLCE side pouch are good, but you still need to protect the fragile stuff. Think the PLCE comes with a plastic box?
Lock and Lock boxes would fit the waterproof box requirement:
I should think they're available in NZ!10340_2474
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