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Discussion in 'Officers' started by cheese, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Bit vague,

    I'm after a comprehensive SOP-style kit list from somewhere like RMASfor the packing of smock, perosnal clothing and eqpt, webbing and ptl packs for short exercises when in command appointments, for a resource. Would anyone be able to help at all with a document, i would be grateful. PMs welcome, and i'll get an email out to you.

  2. As always, first pack what you might need and then don't leave any space for what you will definitely need. Always ensure that you don't waterproof anything and that all of the kit that you will need next you pack first - right at the bottom of your bergan. Then wait for it to start lashing it down to get it out. Years of experience has got me to this point.

    On a serious note, as always it depends what you are doing as to what you pack. We have moved on a bit from the Spearhead/SLE standard kit lists which people were expected to slavishly carry. Even RMAS has moved on (a bit) from this.

  3. 50m of green string. Don't forget the green string.
  4. A some kind of reel to keep it on; don't forget the reel.
  5. Toggle rope? Silver Shadows? CBRN kit despite there being literally no threat? Ah, the good old days of Sandhurst kit lists.
  6. You sure 'bout that?
  7. I'm referring to the RMAS exercises where you would be told that the "enemy" possess no CBRN weapons, but then the good old CSgt makes you take up an entire rocket pouch with noddy suit.
  8. Ah, yes; almost as much fun as carrying the 51mm Mor on every exercise throughout Term 2. Despite there being literally no likelihood of firing the damned thing.
  9. Dur! "Some kind of reel"? Vulgarian. There is only ONE type of reel for said string.... the DS solution .... the creme de la creme of reels .... the plastic spacer from 7.62mm link. Mmmm..... gucci!

    Has whatshisface had any sensible advice yet?! :wink:
  10. it's all useful!
  11. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    My DS took exception to me telling him that the LAW I had just fired was a one-shot weapon and therefore disposable....