Kit needed for jungle

Do you intend sleeping out in the Jungle?

Have you ever slept out in the Uk without a tent? If not do it to get an idea of how it feels.

Don't worry about the night noises. The bigger animal are as scared of you as you think you are of them. Its the small ones that can be a pain(leeches, ticks,warrie etc)

When you going? check out the month as the rainfall changes depending on the month.

Lots of Mozzy rep .
yeah its not sleeping outdoors that bothers me i'm just intersted in what kit would be useful as i can't be arsed going on a BLT with worthless kit.
Take the type of mozzie rep that melts plastic and a good headtorch.

Take three pairs of lycra shorts. Wear one pair, have the second tied to the back of your bergan dring out and the third pair are spare. They are great for preventing chaffing and ballrot.

20 metres of thin rope may come in handy.Waterproof everything in your bergan. Take prickly heat soap.

I recommend the British army hammock system if you are sleeping in the jungle. Sleeping on the jungle floor is not too bad.

Drink lots, then drink more again. Take puritabs or one of these new personal filtration kits. A 2 litre coke bottle make a great water bottle for your side pouches. Take a couple.

Most areas can get cold at night. Mozzies are worst in the low areas like APC.

Avoid Belican Beer.
Possibly a few bad steers there ex XIX although I supose it depends what you are doing in Belize syph

Mozzies are worst in the low areas like APC? only spent a few nights at APC the biggest danger at APC is RTAs and The Rose Garden (although I hear it is a CQB location now!)

The worst flying insects have got to be the sand flys or chuggas, they are very small and bite around the ankles and wrists. They can lead to leashminitas (not sure on the spelling!) but saw a few come back and spend a couple of months in hospital with horrible itchy scabs that are minging!
There are areas around natural arch and other training areas that are rife with them!

I aint a huge fan of mosi nets as if the critters get in then they cant get out!(sandflys can fit through the mesh) prefer to wear plenty of mossi rep and
a midge head net.

Try and avoid sleeping on the floor as there are some horrors on the ground! although if you have to practice hard routine you will have to sleep on the ground, gore tex bivvi bag and midge head net are handy also a short piece of roll mat.

Issue hamocks are ok but heavy and plenty of parts to break! belive that HM supplies still make zp/F1 11 lightweight hamocks with a flap and simple single 1100 tie offs and no noisy poles!


Talc in a small bag stick your feet in , leaves no sign and makes your talc last, also a tube of drapelene cream, its baby nappy rash stuff and should be applied morning and night to prevent rot.

A folding saw from a garden centre good quality Bahco or Wilk sword is a good investment, you will be issued with a tree slapper however they cause more casualties than tree felling!

Head torch is a must just make sure you can get the btys in Belize? cant go wrong with a petzl mini zoom takes aa btys and you get a spare bulb.

Get yourself 3 or 4 small and medium Ortilib dry bags from cotswolds or simular shops, you will be wet most of the time!

Trainers are a must for night time routine, get an old pair and slap some polish on them and they are lighter and take less room than 1000 milers, dont use the type with the flashing leds in the heel!

Take your pills daily, they use to give nivaquin and Paulidrine but I think they use Larium now? it really messes some folks up, you really need to weigh up the risks of not taking it!

What ever shirts and trousers your wearing C95? get your gran or auntie to sew around all the pockets again as they blow out quite easy you can also put velcro on the pockets if your really keen/bored!

Washing and shaving is a non starter for ten, the bugs will swarm on you if you apply all your smellies. tooth brush is the only real bit of wash kit

Realise you might not be doing military things but you can apply a few of these methods.

If socialising do it in numbers never alone and stick to bottled drinks/cans they normally use tap water for ice cubes ie toilet water

Reckon more people get hurt in Belize socialising than training its a fact!
Cheers Harry, your right not going out there in green just thought I would do something different this summer instead of the usual spending two weeks in pubs and clubs and wasting all my money by not being able to remember ever going on holiday. My old man has mentioned The Rose Garden a few times intrigued to see it.

I have been told by a few people at my unit (TA) to cut all lapels and stuff off shirt is this true or is it some old wives tale, also who makes the best jungle boots as I dont want my feet rotting off because I plan on using them a bit more.

Cheers for all the advice so far.
Soak all your clothing and Bergan in mozzie rep as this will work to keep them away from you.

The Rose Garden (I belive thats what it called.........) is worth a look!

Get a good local guide and let them take you up into the hills
Sandflys are very poor flyers, and cam only get up to about 3 foot off the ground. So to avoid them,a hammoc would be a good idea. They fly straight through a normal mozzie net.

Watch out for the 'Tommy Goff' (sp?). Very nasty and aggressive snake.

Based on all the comments here, you would be made to go on a trek in the jungle on your own. Who do you intend going with, and what training/prep do you intend to do?

Well worth talking to BATSUB if I were you.

Once there check out the ruins near Guac bridge (lots of American students digging it up whilst I was there) and Los Gatos (sp?), a huge limestone cave that the indians thought was the entrance to hell.

Other than that check out the night life in San Ignacio, and look out for Cameron Diaz at Francis Ford Coppola's hotel on pine ridge. They don't mind you walking in in combats!
Ok!! Short term hammock is ok but not good on the back, if you can make a camp site centrally to the places you are going to look at, an A Frame set up is better, made with a poncho and some good tree branches, well above the ground with a mozzy net built in to it, tucked all around under your sleeping bag. Make a platform so you can get on to it and off, also helps if you get caught short in the night. Two sticks in the ground to put your upturned boots on to. Never put your boots on without shaking them out and having a good look inside first. High fires are good for cooking and keep you food dry in the rain. Get hold of some stuff called Riamet, cure for cerebral Malaria!!!!! the other one is called Cortem. Malaria kills very very fast!!! Do wash daily!!!! good hygiene will prevent the foot rot and crutch rot but stick to simple soap with no perfumes, you can shave with it too. I used the american issue jungle boots and had no problems on two 6 week dips in the Brunei jungle. Don't go walkabout at night, and night time comes just like someone switching off a light!!!!! so be careful. Enjoy it, not much jungle left out there!!
D.D. :D
Ref jungle boots belive that Bata use to make them, and also remember some blokes doing short ex's getting fobbed off with some high leg canvas base ball type boots that were shite! steer away you could try e bay or silvermans if you have cash, may be worth trying private sales on here?
The type with steel plates in the bottom are stiff but get comfy with age, strongly suggest you get a pair.

If you get as far south as punta gorda check out celia in the round house

Woo Haa!!
I'm tagging along with a mate, he's organised it through some adventure holiday tour company or something they haven't said anything about build up training although we do have some weekend coming up to meet the rest of the team and whatnot, maybe I will get some more info there. I'm ok on fitness front I hope don't struggle with any load marches or anything like that and fairly competent map reading, do you think it would be worth my while to get GPS and also how good are the maps for there. Another query is should I leave camel bak at home as I dont want it getting manky and catching some umbongo disease. Cheers all
Personally I don't rate A frames. a nice TIGHT hammock is v. comfy, and comes with the added bonus that you can hang all your crap off it and stop the creepy crawlies from setting up shop in your boots etc.

I have never used a Camel back, but I'd say they look ideal. If you trash it then get a new one when you get home.

Above all do not overdo it and keep hydrated. We had a section commander just back from SCBC, fit as fcuk, who keeled over on a 3km NAVEX. Died of heat stroke during the subsequent Stretcher Race to get him back to Salamanca Camp.

You are right about the whores Harry Webster. Poxed to fcuk. Similar with the dhobi women at Salamanca. Look out for the 14 year old half-chats with northern accents.
Ah good memorys and finally avoid a trip on bobbys boat at Punta Gorda unless you are a strong swimmer!

Ref your camel packnot a big fan, but 2 x 2 litre coke bottles wrapped in harry black are a cheaper and better option!, the mapping is poor but adequate, wouldnt buy a GPS specifically as most items that go to Belize either get robbed or completey swamped by water or humidity, if you get a cheap 2nd hand one or have rich friends that you can borrow off I wouldnt bother!
Disposable waterproof type cameras x several are a better option than taking one expensive camera

Wonder if the Ramclans and snake eyes are still at Rideau!
Hammock, bivvi bag, Yankee jungle boots and Brit standard issue Gollok with shapening stone and para cord loop to Thai to your wist, F-ing dangerous to your own mates when ya've been chopping for some time. Your hand goes numb and just lets it fly.
My TTB. Instructor would deck you I you used one not secured to your wrist.
The issue Golok is it any good heard it just beats everything down rather then slicing however sharp you get it. Another thing is what type of doss bag should i be using, I have on e of those poncho liner things that you tie on to poncho or I've also got the tropical sleeping bag from Telic would I be OK using that in bivvy bag, must sound bone with some of the questions I've been asking just want to be as clued up as possible so I dont end up running round day b4 I go ending up with pooh gear that is about as useful as a nun in a whore house. Cheers all
"Beware the Candiru!"

Do NOT urinate whilst in the water. The Candiru is a small fish that (for reasons best known to itself) will swim up your japs-eye and become lodged, requiring surgery to remove.
Syphillis83 said:
that doesnt sound too nice think i'll bung it up when not in use i'm sure i could fit an ear bud down if needs be.
Ouch! That sounds almost as bad. You'll be alright as long as you stay covered up, and dont have a p*ss while actually in the water. The jungle is probably the only place where it is acceptable to wear Speedo trunks (unless you're a fat kraut) use them instead of your usual boxers/briefs/thong, as A. they dry much quicker thus preventing crotch rot. B. they keep the wildlife off your bread 'n' butter!
Have a look at hennesey hammocks. they were issued in SL to the IMATT chaps. Excellent bits of kit with a built in mossie net and fly sheet thingy. You enter from below and the thing seals with velcrow and your bodt weight. Very lightweight and very comfortable. you can get in DPM or exciting civvie colours. Not cheap but mahgic. Seem to be proof against sandflys. Hammocks on the net.
Good water purifier essential you can get them from cotswolds with the normal discount. Puritabs also the way ahead. I agree about the head torch. Industrial strenght mossi rep 100% deet is good or take me along as they will not bother with you and eat me instead. Good earplugs for the night as the sounds can be very loud.
Good luck
Sleeper_service said:
Syphillis83 said:
that doesnt sound too nice think i'll bung it up when not in use i'm sure i could fit an ear bud down if needs be.
Ouch! That sounds almost as bad. You'll be alright as long as you stay covered up, and dont have a p*ss while actually in the water. The jungle is probably the only place where it is acceptable to wear Speedo trunks (unless you're a fat kraut) use them instead of your usual boxers/briefs/thong, as A. they dry much quicker thus preventing crotch rot. B. they keep the wildlife off your bread 'n' butter!
Back in the early 50s, REMF like me were not allowed in the ulu unless we had escort from 22 SAS who were nowhere so secretive in those days. They used to have an issue of french letters to protect things from water. Trusty police note book went in one and bag and sausage in another. Not a wind up for monkeys either - we used to have dressing up parades each morning.

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