Kit Modifications

Recently purchased a Berghaus Centurio 30 day-sack and one of the zipz for each of the side pouches are upside down so it wont take the Karrimor side pouches i was going to buy to add to it. Would anyone be able to remove the zip then replace it the right way up?
Recently purchased from who?

Are they supposed to be upside down, send it back would be the first step if not, before forking out more beer tokens.

Jay Jays as mentioned Dixies corner, Dragon supplies, depends on your location?
Purchased from RVOps, and I'm assuming its supposed to be upside down so it can only take the MMSP Berghaus sell to go with the day-sack, but I'm not wanting it to carry that much kit, just to use as a general day-sack. The more space you have, the more not needed rubbish you pack. Shall try your reccomendations. Cheers
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