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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Vaughany, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Lets do a thread about favourite and useful kit mods. 'How to's' and methods will be good. I know there is stuff floating about but lets have a semi perminent thread that is good for reference.

    I'll start the proceedings with adding MOLLE loops onto side panels of the issue bergan. Lets you carry just what you want without using a half empty rocket pouch.
  2. Issued windproof smocks:
    Adding the compass pocket on the left breast pocket.
    Adding para smock style cuffs
  3. Removing side pouches off NI patrol sack.

    Add a quick release clip to rear of helmet instead or carabiner/keyring loop combo, it can then be clipped onto webbing using existing clip found in between the ammo pouches.
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  4. 'D' rings sewn into smock pockets. [bought mine from kitmonster] Saves you losing all those expensive compasses et al.
  5. Compass pocket pocket can be done for free in about 30 seconds.

    Inside breast (zipped) pocket you have a section for what looks like pens, just cut the stitching away so that you turn 3 sections into 1 and that will fit a compass nicely. Won't look as ally as a compass pocket on the outside though.
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  6. Adding a Landrover to the outside of my Bergen, enables me to carry sh*t loads more useless stuff that I am never likely to use, just in case :D
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  7. Putting a hood onto desise shirt a la RAF (Rock Apes)Reg
    sewing shirt until its only a half zip
  8. getting creases sewn in for £5 on all my shirts quick go around with the iron to get the creases out and your good to go!
  9. Inserting a FX22SAS chip into my Robo-Sapien to allow it to go on and complete the objective without me.
  10. Sewn in crease, winner :D

    Sewn in creases in combats, double winner :wink:
  11. scrim, innertube cut to fit over scrim, cats eyes on AB lid. the old favourite, grenade ring pull on smock zip, the new favourite, velcro patches on upper sleeves of green windproof worn on tour. a thin peice of green sniper tape round the pistol grip of your sidearm. oakley sunglasses with paracord sniper taped to them.
  12. Done to death already here.
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  13. What's this? "Pimp My Bergan"??
  14. If I had some serious money I wanted out of my bank account:
    mods to windproof smock:
    Make it out of properly windproof ripstop fabric (with a reinforced back for gfence crossing)
    para smock cuffs
    plastic lining under the elbows
    better hood and hood cover
    mesh liner
    large internal Brecon pouch
    FFD pouch on right arm
    increase size of pocket on left arm
    compass pocket on outside right.
    drawstring around neck to keep Mr Rain out.
    drain holes on outside pockets

    NI bergen:
    run the daisy chain all the way down the back
    attach the compression straps at the bottom to compress the whole bergen
    attach nexus clips for daysack
    add a plastic sheet or two metal rods down the back to give it some shape
    line the main compartment with plastic to make it more waterproof
    cut the lid off and attach it by two utility straps
    run a utility strap over the top opening to compress it further...

    I think my credit card just caught fire...
  15. Take a sniper smock. Remove all pockets. Sew on upper breast pockets from a '95 smock and two resi sacks (with backs removed) stitched to lower pocket position with velcro closure replaced with press studs off a para smock. Removed para cuffs and turn sleeves back one fold and stitch in to place.

    Stitch '95 pattern hood to smock with brim extension off a bush hat. Change pen pocket and FFD pockets over. Liner optional: shortened parka liner with extended armpit gussets made from RAF Fireman's string vest. Use surplus vest material to line upper breast pockets or create extra gussets in smock for extra ventilation. Attach para cuffs to liner sleeves. Remove square of fabric from back of smock and stitch in DPM Goretex insert (cut from bivibag) for breathe-ability.

    Remove sling hooks off smock sleeves and replace with extra foliage loops. Attach carabiners to foliage loops. Remove straps from bergen and attach carabiners. Bergen can then be attached directly to smock permitting freedom of arm movement in the prone position. Nixwax the whole smock for proofing against the elements. Sorted. Cost? Nil.