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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Andi_Licious, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. What is the best marker to write my name / number on my kit with? Tried a few things but it just fades or doesnt stand out enough.

  2. A permanent one?
  3. Paint a square on your kit depending on what colour your DZ/TRF is then write your brigade/battalion/company on and zap no underneath all in tip ex. Never loose your kit again.
  4. I have velcro flaps sewn over all the name/no/sqn patches on my webbing / daysack / bergen etc. Stops your smock from wearing it all off.

    Also, on bergen and daysack I have name tapes (like go on your shirt) with (name) (last 3)

    seems to work.

  5. Erm......say again ?
  6. There is much to say about that.

    Sadly, I'm too drunk.
  7. on bergens / webbing etc there is a little material patch to write details on.

    as per the issue black holdall, I have flaps with velcro round the edges that cover them up so they don't wear off.

    works great.
  8. Why not just re-mark them ?
  9. preposterous notion
  10. Use a permanent marker on the main body not label and iron the ink in.Heat sets the ink and wont wear off anywear as quick.
  11. because if somebody was nice enough to supply me with bergans with cool flaps on for name writing I really cannot be arsed to keep writing my name on there for the sake of it!
  12. Which is very easy to rip off and leaves you unable to prove it was your kit nicked anyway.

    Write your name/zap/unit on the patch by all means, then write it in permananent laundry marker somewhere discrete, like a lining of a pocket or pouch, where it isnt obvious. If some pikey cnut 'minesweeps' it, then removes the label and smugly thinks he's got away with it, you can show him the hidden evidence!

    And then batter him.
  13. :excited:
  14. Didn't get the metal marker then Andy?
  15. I find that writing my zap under every flap on combats (ie pocket flaps) works well.

    And under the hood on the bergan, pouches etc.

    As an added bonus I attach name tags to my kit too.

    My bergan, webbing and grip have a plastic rectangle from an ammo box, with my details on. It packs away when you don't need it too.

    As above, berol permanent water fast ink, ironed on works well.