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does anyone know if there is a thread available to a online kit list? all my lists are still in the post ive moved from scotland to liverpool am joining on the 28th and i wanna get some stuff today (me dad , me mam and me grandma have all decided they would like to help) so any lists would help.
take a sense of humour with you aswell your gran maybe able to find that one for you mate ;)
I think they need to update the kit lists to say "Wash kit and all contents, Boot Polish, Towels, Underwear, Watch, Pictures from home, Phone, Phone Charger, Wallet and everything with it, Passport, Writing Impliments, Notepad". Everything else unless i've missed something will be robbed from you (figuritively speaking) and you won't even need or wear it cos you'll only be using issued kit. Maybe you'll need 1 pair of civvies to travel home in on week 7 and then you can bring a few pairs back with you.

Also advisable to take a "dummy" wash kit that you don't intend to use to go into your locker layout. Some people say this is a waste of money but this "waste" of money saves you time. However, use some of the contents before you go and clean them immaculately and then your set, otherwise a perfectly non used kit would suggest you are a grot.
I find an anvil indispensible.

That and a 6in knife, chest rig, and as much cam cream as you can buy.

And a DPM peak cap.

All handy.
Top kit. You'll get massive brownie points for spunking your beer money on it. Google it. You'll be the envy of your intake.
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