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  1. the only things i would be thinking about is training as much as possible before i go in as the fitter you are the easier it will be.

    Recruit's kit list

    National Health service number : only if you have dont worry if you dont
    National Insurance Card again only if you have
    P45 (If Held)
    Marriage Certificate ( if applicable )
    Your Birth Certifacte ( if you have it )
    Birth Certificates of Children ( if applicable )
    Any legal orders ( relating to divorce, custody, change of name etc )
    Driving License ( If Held )
    Passport ( If Held )
    Photographs ( 4 upto date passport size Photographs of yourself - no beards or hats )
    Any qualifications certificates
    Bank Account details ( if you dont have a bank account you must open one before reporting - note that the account must have a sorting code )

    Clothing and Equipment

    A complete toiletries kit ( including a wet razor, nail scissors and a soap dish and spare toiletries )
    Sewing kit ( including black/green thread and saftey pins etc )
    2 large towels
    Civilian clothes ( smart trousers, shoes, shirt and tie )
    Outdoor clothing ( warm and water proof )
    Swimwear ( Trunks or swimming shorts - these should be blue/black in colour of a simple design, no bermuda shorts )
    Flip Flops/ Shower shoes
    Under wear ( Suffcient for 7 days )
    Sports underwear ( think thats only for the ladies ? unless you have man boobs lol )
    Handkerchiefs ( not something thats important )
    Nightwear ( try get Disney Pjyamas you'll stand out and look the part and remember your sharing a room with others )

    Additional Useful Items

    2 Boot Brushes
    A couple tins of Black Polish ( kiwi is recommended )
    Training shoes ( remember recruits will be issued with silver shadows no other trainers are allowed for PT lessons. )
    Home Stationary ( letter writing paper, envolopes, stamps, pens and pencils bring quite a few )
    Wrist watch
    Alarm clock
    4 small strong padlocks and 1 bigger one.

    Small torch with batteries ( try get one with red cover like a maglite or just cut out a cover using a tizer bottle and glue it or selotape it on lol )
    personal possesions ( Porn, photo's of family which in somecases could be porn lol )
    Iron ( Tip you get what you pay for )
    Iron Board

    i hope this is helpful by me typing up the list from the office remember not everyone brings irons and iron boards but speaking from experiance the more that do the better for your section !!!
  2. Don't forget the machete.
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  3. I reposted this in here so that its one less question for the old & lazy people :!: :lol: to answer.

    And to save newbies coming onto this website and getting hammerd for asking a sensible question when all they are doing is being keen to make sure they know everything even if that means asking stupid questions :roll: :wink:
  4. True you need a 3 inch machete for starting you will prob get taking to some army store near training barricks to get this during training :!:
  5. This might just be me being pedantic, glasgowchamp, but if the candidate in question doesn't have an NI card (and hence number), they do need to get one, otherwise the army can't pay them. Likewise, the army does want to see birth certificates, passports etc, to stop people joining up to escape the law etc.
  6. Hey dude,

    [align=center] The before going to basic the recruit should have already produced such iteams and wont need to take them as they have already should be photo copied !!

    You cant get a job in this country through the books without the NI number.

    this is a list for people to look at and see which would be useful to bring for training and see in a sences why you presumbed the above quote.

    Today i am going out to buy stuff in from an Army supplies store in Glasgow that will help and items that i know i will need to do my job and let you know what i am taking but this is down to each recruit what you take so theres no need to go out and spend, spend, spend :!:
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I was given my NI number by the army in 81, no number cards then, since then could I get a numbercard, no I can apply for a replacement numbercard to replace the one they never issued me! What tosspots in Govt. I didnt need a card, I know my NI number, problem was on training courses they insisted I prove this!
    Wallies and wan kers everywhere!
  8. Tell you what, why don't you buy a dictionary while you're at it?
  9. * Lifts head and rises above last comment :D

    cheers for the advice tartan :wink: even though its useful its not wanted yet as i am not studying anything to get qualifications lol :twisted:

    well today i bought :

    Web-tex sweing kit £5
    Web-tex Boot pouch £7.50 (which has 2 brushes extra set of laces cloth and tin of polish )
    2 Bungees £1.99
    4 twistees £2.60
    3 Padlocks 2 small 1 Big £10
    Wooly hat £2.50
    Blister plasters £5
    Green Flask £7
    Caribiner clip ( for cliping helmet ) £1.50
    2 Extra pairs of army socks ( as sometimes they go missing in dohbie !) £6

    so today i spent £49.09 not including my iron and ironing board which would bring my total to £100

    forgot things like arc markers, flip flops, new toiletries, extra polish and photographs which will cost about £30 - £40 more.

    Remember this is the things that i think will make my morale higher as i know i have extra things :oops: :?
  10. firstly glasgowchamp, thanks so much for the list and info...im off to catterick on the 1st july so things are a bit hectic trying to get everything prepared, ur list has worked a treat. secondly where you going for basic? you excited/nervous? hows your fitness?

    and a question for people who have done/currently doing basic...do you still get issued the british army ID cards with your photo and personal info on?

    thanks guys!
  11. yes you do get issued the id card around week 7 with your photo height, weight etc.

    yep i am excited lol explains going out and shelling out on new stuff lol
    am going in Royal Armoured Core (Scot Dragoon Guards ) on 14th July think it's Bovington still waiting on the paperwork to come telling me where to go etc.

    i've been and done basic at Catterick before and has a nice new cookhouse, great steep hills for beastings and nice gym facilities lol

    Six weeks and counting lol :twisted: :lol: :D :twisted:
  12. They have a rule against Nail Scissors now, you have to use clippers instead (for all those going suicidal apparently), also when i done basic they just opened us a bank account if we didnt have one.
  13. haha glasgow i once had a guy who used to wear spongebob pj's (the only guy to wear pj's in the platoon) and got minced through the night for it :D so i suggest to just sleep in your undercrackers folks.
  14. c'mon m8 edit your post and see if anyone falls for it :lol: would be the funniest thing since Benny Hill :D forgot to add to the other guys question i have been beasting myself with fitness and i do boxing training so am fit and making sure i still get fitter than what i am lol
  15. Great tip for any one get to your nearest asda and get baby wipes doing a crackin deal 6 packs of 80 for 5 quid will do anyone throughout training to get the cam cream off your face !!!

    ask any ex or serving soldier !!