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Ladies and gents. I’ve noticed a couple of people asking about kit list and after being through basic in past couple of months. Here’s a better list of what to take and not take.

Kit list remarks

Stuff kit list states you need, that you really don’t.
-National Insurance Card, you just need to know your number.
-NHS Card.
-European Health Insurance Card, this is only needed if you think you’ll be going on trips overseas whilst in basic and currently they are not going ahead with covid.
-Any vaccinations certificates.
-Soap and soap dish, this is only needed if you wash with soap and nothing to do with taking it out in the field.
-Nail brush, scissors and clippers. They are only required if you use them, coming back from week in field means no matter how much you clean your hands they’ll be always look dirty for couple of days.
-Waterproof jacket or coat, you won’t need this or invest in one as you aren’t going overseas to visit cemeteries.
-Swimming shorts/ suit, currently the swimming pool at pirbright is closed.
-Socks, they are issued to you.
-Sports kit, currently with covid you size yourself up for kit wearing smart clothes and in past you would wear one for members of training team to size you up.
-Civi clothes, don’t even bother. You never have time to wear it and on weekends you’ve got to wear issued tracksuit if not working.
-Cash, take your card.
-Dark tan boot polish. Some training teams hate it because it can turn boots a dark purple colour.

Do take:
-Driving license, provisional or full.
-Passport photos.
-Any qualifications.
-Bank account details.
-Face flannels are used out in the field, 2 are needed for males. 1 for females if you have time to wash your face.
-Baby wipes for exercise. Either use it as bog roll or to clean yourself on a morning.
-Cotton buds/ balls, used to clean rifle most time and to buff parade shoes.
-1x shower gel, 1x shampoo 1x conditioner, 1x toothbrush, 1x tooth paste. You don’t need 2 unless you think you’ll go through that much in three months of being there. Locker layout, Cpl expected us to use the stuff placed in there and not put on show (they even stated that).
-1 antiperspirant, it can be spray or roll on.
-100% recommend Vaseline for lips, most mornings waking up in the field my lips were cracked because of the cold.
-1 months supply of sanitary products if you are a female. Also take panty liners for exercise and first time wearing webbing. Even if you don’t get periods the weight of kit causes females to bleed due to pressing down on female reproductive organs.
-Hair nets, bobbles and hair spray, are a must as all females must use hair nets and I recommend in investing in thick slumber ones. Thin ones tend to rip.
-Shaving gel, recommendation for males only unless some female use gel when shaving. You don’t need 2 or use it for locker layout.
-Towels for own personal use.
-Set of smart clothes to arrive in.
-Underwear, make sure to bring enough pairs as laundry washes tended to be quite a big gap from each other.
-Females it states you get sports bras issued (3) but take your own as couple people had problems with these.
-Sliders for shower or chilling in after exercise when you have to sit cleaning rifle all Friday afternoon.
-Coat hangers are provided for military kit locker. You only need as many hangers to hang personal clothing up.
-Hanging wardrobe better to invest in so you can store underwear and pjs than trying too on hangers.
-Watch, need it for out in the field. You’ll not be allowed to take phone with you.
-Iron any wattage you can take, just don’t use the plug sockets near your bed. As that trips full building. Or just don’t take one as theirs toons spare in cosh cupboard along with ironing boards.
-Pens, pencils and A5 notepads. Don’t take A4 as you’ll be required to fit the notepad in your map pocket.
-Black sharpie to label ALL kit. Make sure to do this day 1 you get issued or risk getting it lost (on purpose) by training team.
-2x Alberg brown boot polish. You can use any type of boot polish, it is recommended to use kiwi but i went to the shop at pirbright and highly recommend alberg boot polish.
-1 black polish.
-2x boot brushes.

Stuff I’d recommend taking that is not stated on kit list.
-Olive sniper tape is a must. You’ll need this for your webbing, day sack and bergan.
-Foam roller for tight muscles after pt.
-Windproof lighters for exercise. Shop also tops lighter fluid up for 20p.
-Hair dryer for hair.
-Starch spray for no2 shirt, can be tricky to iron and that makes it lot easier.
-Dry shampoo for females in case 2 mins doesn’t cut it after pt to wash hair and dry it.
-Zinc oxide tape for blisters.
-Scrubbing bristle brush and washing up liquid for bottom of your boots/ pt trainers as they have to be cleaned so it’s free of mud and dirt when presented in your lockers.
-Headphones and tablet/iPad. In case you want to watch films at weekend in your free time.
-Slippers/ dressing gown/ small blanket as first couple of weeks at pirbright I was cold and had to get my mum to send in warmer pjs.
-Sleeping mask in case you want to get your head down before everyone else.
-Paacetamol, cold and flu tabelts.
-Washing up powder incase need to hand wash any kit.
-You are welcome to take dry bags however depending on training team (like mine) would not allow us to use them until final fling as we were expected to work with military kit. I was told if they did see my dry bags on any exercise prior they’d get confiscated.
-Strong karabiners. 1 for helmet to attach onto webbing and 1 for key set. Make sure to label keys with snipertape (1,2,3...) and do same to your locks.

Welcome pack that is currently provided to every recruit at Pirbright and Winchester for free:
-Head touch.
-Waterproof note pad and case.
-Tent pegs.
-Waterproof bags.
-Wash bag with small mirror.
-8 padlocks which are lock and key.
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A note - “you don’t need it because of Covid” can change in a matter of days, mid course.

If your packing list says to take swimwear etc you should take it. Alternatively you can say you didn’t bother because someone on the internet said so. Your choice.


I see the emperor has wasted no time introducing himself to this one....

Stuff kit list states you need, that you really don’t.
It doesn't really matter if you need it or not, what matters is if you can follow basic instructions and take what you're told to take.

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