Kit list

Does anyone have a kit list for the summer or midland challenge (even if it's an old one) I'm supposed to be going but have yet to given any idea of what to take, I've asked the recruiting officer at my TAC and all he said was he was waiting for someone to tell him.

As I'm supposed be going this coming Friday and I'm out of town working all week I'm struggling to see how I will be ready

Cheers in advance
All your 1157 plus some civies and flip flops.
Was thinking more specific mate, will I need smart civvies shirt and tie ? My own towels, my own phys kit etc

If anyone has a specific kit list they could send that would be ideal
It'd both mate, all in one.

I asked all this at my TAC and even the recruitment officer said it was shocking that there was still no joining instructions for the midland challenge

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