Kit list & tips for Belize jungle wanted

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MrBane, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Am off to Belize at end of the month for Ex Tropical Storm, I've got a packing list with lots of good additions, but can anyone recommend some essential bits of kit, and does anyone have good tips and advice on how not to die of a horrible disease or get eaten alive?

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  2. Stay home :D . Some old timers swear by the old sas/para bergan as it stops the back sweating.Might be someone in your unit has one and the parang is supposed to be the best jungle knife again old sweat might have one.
  3. Try and get hold of a Thai style hammock. It is much more secure than the issue one.
  4. A good supply of triple strength condoms. Some horrible deceases out there :lol:
  5. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Swimming trunks
    Suntan lotion
    (Sorry, that's all needed there - jungle, what jungle?)

    Stay clear of Rosie's
  6. A jungle hat with a full size brim on it!
  7. Don't you mean Raul's? :)
  8. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Don't you mean Raul's? :)[/quote]

    And his garden. Pretty flowers, mildly poisonous.
  9. One of those head-size mozzie nets - you won't feel embarrassed by people larfing at you, when they're being driven insane by biting critters...

    Set(s) of the old-style polycotton junglies - they dry out a lot quicker than the modern pure cotton stuff.

    As mentioned above - a proper wide-brim jungle hat, not an ally para clip job (it rains ants, and you don't want them down the back of your neck). And take a spare - the local QM will only have Gurkha sizes, as usual.

    A couple of pairs of different insoles for your jungle boots: if you go without socks, as most tend to, then you want something that isn't going to be too slippery, or which will ruck up.

    Forget Rambo knives - you need a full-on golok or machete, plus a number of those cheap, disposable hobby knives (the ones where you snap off the tip of the blade to get a fresh edge) - despite being able to cope with most basha job, they are sharp enough for those little self-surgery tasks like lancing boils and digging out the jaws of the critters that got past your mozzie net.

    I always take a spare civvie mozzie net - they weigh nothing, you can get green ones from decent back-packing shops, and it might save your sanity if the issue one has dinner-plate size holes in it...
  10. A big tub of nappy rash cream. When your nads are starting to corrode after being in the trees, it's very soothing...
  11. Pack very light. Use bergen without side pockets as they stick out when you are trying to crash through the trees. Still take a daysack though.
    Look out for a silk / paratex hamock, the issue ones are ok but having to carry the bars takes up extra space. Get some tropics, 1 set for day and another set for night (wet/dry routine).
    Definitely a Camelbak or similar, plus water in belt kit. I'd say try to carry at least 5 litres on you as it's a bit sweaty there.
    Thin socks, I bought 6 pairs for £2 from Primark and then threw them away afterwards. Didn't get blisters either from the issue jungle boots.
    You will get issued a machete, milbank bag, mossi net and hamock over there. Eventually gave up using the mossi net as there didn't seem to be any, but that was in April in dry season.
    Hely Hansen boxer shorts are ideal, or cycling shorts. Something like a Montane featherlite or Arktis windshirt as it can get a bit chilly at night (especially on Baldy Beacon).
    Waterproof everything twice. Ortlieb bags all round and make sure they have no tiny holes (found out to my cost on river crossing on day 1). The small exped dry bags are good for keeping small bits of kit in and don't take up as much space as canoe sacks. Waterproof note paper waterproofed as normal stuff will go soggy very quickly.
    Get a pot of Lucozade / Powerade powder to mix with water, also don't throw away your screech powder - water starts to get boring after a while.
    Mycota foot powder if your feet suffer when wet. 100% DEET insect repellant. Head torch essential for when non tactical as there is about 12 hours darkness. AA batteries recommended as there are no shops that sell AAA size in the ulu.

    Lastly make sure you go to Cancun for R&R and bring plenty of money.
  12. Wash your body frequently (no soap). You will get pricklyheat but the more you wash the less severe it is.

    Don't mess with the snakes / lizards / spiders - vicious bast***s if you rile them.

    Take mycota powder. Powder your crotch at night to prevent sweat rash and fungal infections.

    Take a pair of fingerless gloves, protects the hands.

    Double-bag yourself in Raul's Rose Garden. Everyone goes there its inevitable!! :D

    Belican beer (the local beer) is brewed just outside airport camp. Its an acquired taste but you'll get used to it.

    The Barber at airport camp only does flattops. Be warned!! Best off shaving it all off for a number 1 before you head out.

    Don't be chopping at a tree that produces a white puslike sap. In the heat it evaporates and causes irritation to the eyes and in some cases temporary blindness. 8O

    Winston, the local guide/tracker is well up on survival in the jungle. Listen to everything he says. Some good advice :wink:
  13. Laminated porn for instant morale boost.

    Ear biffs for the noise of the creepy-crawlies and local wildlife at night.

    A pair of desert boots or canoe shoes for kicking around in the basha area.

    Plenty of sweat rags.

    Vaseline and talculm powder for cuts, scratches and crotch/foot rot respectively.

    Packets of dried fruit to chew on while you're tabbing around.
  14. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    You soon give up with the mozzie net - the cream works pretty well so get used to going without. Just find yourself a old termite mound and carry some of it for when you get the chance for a fire.

    Everyone is issued with a machete + stone so don't bother with the rambo knife. Do take a small clasp knife for finer work

    Tweezers - vital for dealing with b@stard tree thorns

    Don't bother with a stove - hexi is fine and getting petrol etc ain't easy. Take several lighters. Head torch with LEDs - saves on battery weight.

    Lycra running shorts are a must.

    Issue hammock is ok but for ease and only if you are going back there again, invest in a hennessy hammock and a snakeskin. Get rid of the cord that comes with it and replace with 2 strands of climbing tape or something of that ilk. It becomes a lot easier to put up.

    Selection of waterproof bags. Everything needs to waterproofed twice. I use Orblieb for the outer but use exped bags for the inner. They are just as waterproof but are a lot lighter and pack easier.

    As to the rest, decent FA pack a must with all the normal stuff. For a facecloth, take a rough cloth floorcloth - it works well!

    Just remember that whatever you pack you carry and you will be surprised just much additional effort carrying it takes out of you in the heat out there. Pack light!! Last time I was there, the backload from the boys (used to temperate exercises) to the CQMS for the first few days made an impressive pile. You soon find out that you can make do with very little. Take at least one luxury (mine was a simple suduko book) and swap within our team.

    Enjoy the jungle experience. I don't think there is as good a light role exercise left in the Army.
  15. Put some witch hazel gel (small tube from boots) in your FA kit, make sure it is scent free though. It's brilliant on bites and itchy stuff.