Kit List for Pirbright 8th January 2007

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Coburn, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. Can any one give me some advice on what to take with me to pirbright as the joining instructions I recieved arent very good any help would be much appreciated
  2. Hi mate, I'm starting on the 8th as well but at lichfield,

    As for the 'kit-list' do you mena the one you got when you passed selection? If so I think they give you a better one when you do your enlistment day, if not just phone your careers office that's what I plan to do!
  3. ok a while since I went to pirbright phase one.. but here goes..
    *You'll need 3 days worth of clothes for going to beligium
    *suit/smart civvies (clothes)
    *iron!!! make sure its a decent STEAM iron with SPRAY
    *boot polish n brushes
    *sewing kit (small)
    *set of shorts n t shirt (for day 1 - arrive in suit!!)
    *2 wash kits (one for show - not to be used)
    ->bar< of soap
    -shaving foam
    -flannel (for exercise)
    -shower items
    *documents (should be listed.. say if not..)
    *account details
    *2 towels
    *LOTS of spare underwear (laundry there is sh!t)
    *RE Laundry: make sure you get it checked, you will come to understand, but if you dont have it checked in then items WILL go missing!
    *clothes brush
    *starch (available from on camp shop)
    *bunjees - available from camping shops, you get issued 4 but if your "battle buddy" loses theres (like mine did on all 3 exercises) your in the shit, i took 4 with me and was "issued" 4 aswell..
    *resealable food bags (like freezer bags with the zip) again you get these given to you but the more the better
    thats all i can think of at the moment.. no doubt someone else will add to the list too..

  4. Just fine tuning the above list:

    A selvyt or polishing cloth for boots and ensure that the brushes you take are good quality. The polish MUST be Kiwi (buy brown, black and black Parade Gloss).

    Do not worry too much about the spray function on the iron; buy a spray bottle with a nozzle that can be adjusted to mist etc.

    A set of decent coat hangars (including trouser ones that hold the creases in).

    Notebook and pens/pencils.

    Padlocks with plenty of spare keys.

    A few packs of wet-wipes (which are good for cleaning anything).
  5. wet wipes - take baby wipes.. great for everything (inc cleaning rifle but dont let the DS catch you!)
    and the padlocks - you get 4 or 5 when you get there which all come with 3 keys per padlock. :D
  6. If you are lucky there will be a hottie like Illy in your section for you to lust after (it was all-male training in my day sadly).
  7. mm hmm... :\\ well i look a lot better with hair down than scraped back into a bun and beret on..

    so wheres your pic? :?
  8. thanks for the help illyrichards
  9. no problem hun, good luck!
  10. Get hold of a dentist's tool with a pick end, cotton rag and buds. To add to your Rifle cleaning kit - the pick gets right into the corners of the breech where that shi'ite star-sponge-lollipop thing is meant to reach.
  11. lets start this again..... a good iron!
  12. I'd recommend at least 2 butlers and a dhobi wallah....

    Piece of A4 Perspex-ideal for making your kit A4 size for inspections-alternatively, a copy of Escort does exactly the same job.
  13. Fcuking hell, sounds scary! Where's beligium? On the other side of the galaxy? :D
  14. Take a large canoe bag. Single best bit of kit ever.
  15. hey is that like one typo in the whole thing.. god forbid!!!! but hell didnt i do well!