Kit list for darkside party / reunion

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. okay chaps, we all know the darkside reunion is coming up. in the absence of a detailed admin instruction, i thought it might be helpful to assist those attending by posting a kit list :)

    * Suntan oil

    * Cypriot phrase book

    * Pack of digestives

    * Womens tights

    * Chippendales DVD

    * Vaseline

    * Instructions on how to dispose of shredding bags properly

    * Russian phrase book (for meets)

    * 18 sided dice

    * Favourite Dungeons & Dragons figurine

    * Certificate from the D&D Guild to prove that you are in fact a Wizard level 16 with invisibility

    * Dark glasses (to protect your eyes during that rare foray above ground)

    * Road map (in case the pub is off the route between Brawdy and Digby)

    Hope this helps chaps, enjoy your party :)

    aaaaaaaand stands by for incoming.
    (p.s. any girls going? no? not one? :) )
  2. Thanks CR CR,

    Was just about to ask what the score was. You obviously love incoming!!

    I am sure that when the details are sorted out you will get an invite. Could do with a comedian for the evening!!

    You should be promoted just for your dedication to ensuring that new Int forums are started.

    You didn't think that lot up all by yourself did you? Think you may have remembered that from your first D + D kitlist.

    (still smiling not biting)
  3. What about a cloth to mop up any 'splashes'?
  4. No...It will be that messy, that either plastic or rubber sheeting would be needed!
  5. actually "J cloth" was on draft #1 :)
  6. Shouldn't that be "Gay Cloth"! ;)
  7. no, i think the J is short for Jizz.
  8. Let's not forget one of the key elements - the centrepiece.

    CR, naked, gagged, lightly oiled and lubricated in strategic locations and bound helplessly with chrome-studded black leather harness, presented hung from the ceiling at a convenient height with a very stout chain, obviously.

    Just a little image for you all to ponder over the weekend. My apologies to those who now want to rush off and scrub your visual cortex down with a Brillo pad.
  9. you're very odd, glad.

    by "lubricated in strategic locations" i'm assuming you mean in between my voluminous folds of flab?
  10. Whatever floats your boat, matey.
  11. Is there any such device that could take the strain?
    I was looking forward to my dinner, now I don't hungry all of a sudden. :pukel:
  12. Aha, now I understand "PJHQ"

    Obvious when you think about it.
  13. Why does CR do it?

    Is it so that we bite?

    Well I am not going to.

    Some say he is fat? Is this true?
  14. yes it's true. try sitting near me in the mess when i'm eating. wise people keep their limbs away from my mouth :)

    come to brecon and meet me if you like. i'll even make you a brew. just don't touch my biscuits, cakes and pies or i get violent :threaten:
  15. I am warming to you Mr CR.

    I thought you had no sense of humour, but you have and I laughed.

    Is it wrong to have fat friends though?