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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by hopefulrecruit, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Is there a list of all the kit I would need to buy for basic training?

    I presume I'll need to bring my own towels, boot polishing kit etc... I'm not sure about a lot of stuff, torches, 1st aid kit, travel iron etc...
  2. In the TA you need your own iron, touch foot powerder, tape inersoles and boots that fit ideally.
  3. There's plenty of thread's in this forum about what kit you SHOULD and SHOULDN'T take to basic.

    Have a poke around.
  4. Have a look at the website for the ATR you will be attending, I know Pirbright and Lichfield definately publish theirs on the internet.
  5. You should recieve a letter telling you exactly what to take anyway.
  6. What?

    Have you been sniffing fcuking glue or something? That answer made no sense at all.

    Just what the feck is "touch foot powerder"?

  7. Yaaaaawn!


    Stop flapping and read your instructions from the recruiting office!
  8. do you have a positive word to say to any recruit?
  9. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    When you get a list, make sure you take everything on the list.

    You will get some on here who say "Don't take X 'cos you won't need it." but just because they didn't need it does not mean that you won't need it or be asked to produce it.
  10. lmfao!
  11. Sorry Arby

    I will try to behave in future, it's just that this topic must mave been covered a million times and the lazy fcukers can't be bothered to search for an answer, or read the instructions that they are given.

    I promise to be more possitive to our friends with rouge derriere!
  12. As said ask your Recruiter for the joining Instructions for the relevant ATR, some are generic others come out about four or five weeks before the start. You would normally get them on your documentatin checks (pre attestation) or at your attestation.
    What ever you do make sure you do as maninblak says and take everything on the packing list as you dont want to upset your DS staff.

    The_mentalist if you carry on like this ill get one of the youngsters to yellow card you. :D
  13. take a sleeping bag, if you dont have a skin condition now you will after using the dog blankets used at grantham..
  14. No you won't, I burnt them all :twisted:
  15. Sorry.
    I have found said list.
    I was wondering if there is anything else which I would find useful.
    for instance... Things I would consider very important are not on the list, such as vasaline (for blisters!), zinc tape, talc powder, sun cream if in the summer, etc...

    I also have 2pairs of proper hiking socks, should I take them? should I even buy enough so I can wear them every day?