Kit list for Basic Training

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Ondy, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. Hello, hello.

    After reading the kit list and asking some friends what they thought, i was wondering if you know of something that isnt on the kit list that would be handy for basic training.

    My mate down in lichfield said a head strap torch, for cleaning your rifle on night excerise, an the careers advisor recommended some lucozade powder or pro plus.

    Im heading down to Pirbright at the end of july so its not far off now. Just started training or running everyday and hope to be fit enough by then. I still cant do a single pull up which is dissapointing, but working on it... Cant wait to be there though.

    Oh yeah, ironing board? Not on the list, but should i get one anyway.

    Any ideas? Thanks !
  2. Hello Ondy,

    Reguards ironing board, yes bring one.
    You will probabally find there may be a few kicking around from the last section/platoon who was trainning there previous to you, but, you may have to get in line and wait your turn on it like everybody else.
    If you bring your own ironing board you can get you kit sorted then get to bed while the rest of your section squabble over who gets the iron next.
    More sleep for you= Good Times...

    Also bring an iron with you. :wink:

    Other tips for trainning:
    mark every single bit of kit you are issued with a black marker pen. (if your kit goes "missing" you can find the bugger who "borrowed" it and fill him in)
    always keep some bog roll in your foot locker as you never know when it will run out. (seriousally)

    as for the pull ups, keep at it! (you will get there)

  3. If you finnish your kit first, don't get in bed, help out your mates, it's called 'team work'!
  4. Teammmmmmm wok? nope sorry, not heard of that one.

    Triggy... (AKA Jack Basta#d)

    FNUSNU has a point to be honest, if you hane your kit done and squared away then you should help out your fellow recruits. You may find that during the course of trainning you will need there help with something. :wink:
  5. Thanks for the replies!

    Cheers, that wouldnt have crossed my mind that.

    Well to be honest im not really mr. enthusiasm about ironing , but it wont hurt to help the other guys bang out their kit. Though i would be a bit flabbergasted to have finished mine first, or anything else for that matter.

    Just seen a couple of pirbirght vids on youtube, looks pretty decent down there. Still no clues on what this 'concrete hills' bout though. Been meaning to ask this for bloody ages, how long is there between your phase 1 & 2 training?
    (going for Electric/Avionic Tech if that makes a difference).
  6. its down to the phase 2 intake some have a weekend off others have 2weeks its best to have no more than week that way you dont get to comfy back in civvy land turn up p2 like bag of shit regards head torch i bought one had no need for it really on our final assessment there was a no light rule after sundown so become accustom to setting up bashers in pitch black
  7. plasters
    gaffa tape
    pro plus
  8. English possibly.
  9. Aren't there about a million posts with this same question
  10. Nice one iceman, stayce88.

    Yeah there are a hell of alot of posts about it, but from reading they usually digress from the main question to farts and quips pretty quickly.

    Noted; Its gonna be upto pineapples after week 6.
  11. Oh can anyone tell me what i DON'T need lol and how much it will cost approx. im 16 and going for the ADC any advice? fanx
  12. Compeed plasters, and lots of them.
    Thousands of packets of polos
    some dehydrated water powder (for when you are thirsty)
    hand warmer pads
    sealskinz gloves
    goretex socks

  13. Anybody see the irony?
  14. You definatly need a good Irony ting wiff lots of steem innit