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Kit list (Basic training)

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Could any one recommend any extra useful items i should add to my kit list starting basic for the paras in September.

It's a thankless, lonely vigil that he performs, but nobody does it better.
At least he doesn't ask for a password and then open fire at count of 0.2 seconds.....

Well played Jarrod "Search Sheriff" Earp
You might have thought he'd be able to find something a little more exciting to fill his diary...
Search with a search function FLIR, demand password and "shoot." I find exciting but then I'm semi-retired
Just for you, you ******* Stud!

The name's Function, Search Function (fade to Cubby type freaky neon graphics and an 80's pop star belting out a 248 Related Tune)
I suspect it'll lead to Moderation without coffee before too long.
I'm staying well within guidelines after last meeting without coffee / ROP fest. No swearing or porn, just joshing our in house James "Search Function" Bond / Bourne
Not open for further replies.

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