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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by millzi07, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. hey all, i got a phone call from the TA telling me my kit has arrived, all in all good apart from the fact u cant bring your webbin or burgan home till u past ur training,mainly because alot of mugs lose their kit, which is a ball ache as i like to modify my kit alot.

    anyway back to the nut shell, wondered what kit i have that i pick up on friday as i got for my 1st week training this weekend. its all brand new kit just curious what i get e.g helmet etc etc

    cheerz millzer
  2. Yes to most of that, kit is new and yes you will be issued a helmet.

    Incidently, what other kit do you "like to modify"?
  3. Don't overdo the modifying bit: in recruits you will be expected to use the issued kit.

    I expect, too, I'm not the only one to have gone through recruits, bought lots of extra kit, and then found myself going back to the issue stuff as it's more than adequate in the first place.

    I *believe* (so am happy to be corrected) that the first RTC weekend is barrack based, so the main item of kit you will need is an ability to stay awake while suffering death by powerpoint.
  4. You're in for some fun here. Good luck.

  5. 5.56 by another name?
  6. Unfortuntaly you won't be able to take your gun home with you on the first weekend. You will, however, be issued with your ninja death stars provided you pass the basic 'sneaky stuff' test.

    I'd go out and get yourself some throwing knives now. No point looking like a chump on the day and having to share with the fat bird. Don't team up against the potential chefs either. They get to throw meat cleavers which have a better weight to length ratio.

    Don't worry about modifying kit. The TA employ a special brand of Umpa Lumpas called the NRPS. They do f*ck all apart from sing strange songs and hump each other. If you make some drawings and describe how you want your kit personalising, they'll only be too pleased to accomodate you. If they give you any gip, a swift c0ckslap to the top lip and they'll see your point.

    Hope this helps.
  7. thanks for the reply guys, yeah i like to fully water proof my webbing etc by stiitching stuff etc, just wondered what the list of kit i would be getting
  8. Doesn't stitching stuff put holes in it and therefore make it less waterproof?
  9. You're an ex-cadet arn't you?

    Take the basic kit. Leave it alone. Keep your fucking mouth shut on the course. If you want to do something useful, then use what knowledge you do have to help the others out who are in difficulty.

    Don't fuck around with modifying kit, you'll only look a cunt.
  10. ye was 4 years, got to col sgt, my dad helped me mod it cuz hes in army for 18 year, nah i kno not to play with it to much, was also in Regular army for few months but had to leave cuz of family problems, ye i kno the training will be a refresher for me but i need it lol, so what kit will i get?
  11. You mean CADET CSgt... mind, I'm sure a real live CSgt like we have here in the Army won't mind fudging the difference.

    A little bit of advice: No matter how young and fresh faced you are, your txt spk is fucking irritating. Please stop.


    Plus, if you were a regular... you'd know the answer to your own question... unless you're walting... Oh, hold on - this whole thread is a wah, isn't it. You got me!
  12. Depends on unit,
    First issue, 1 set CS95 inc Field Jacket
    2pr socks 1 tee shirt
    long johns
    long sleeve 'T' shirt
    Unit headdress
    Norgi shirt

    that's of the top of my head & what we other recruits turn up with.

    Head down, mouth shut i& listen in is the best advice.

    Ex cadets come in two types, good, those who don't harp on about it & act the know it all & the quiet ones who keep us guessing & the nuggets who change everything they can get their hands on, start every sentence with 'when I' or 'that's not the way...'

    LEAVE YOUR KIT ALONE, DO NOT MODIFY IT, it'll show you up as a spanner.
  13. sorry about the txt talk, was in a rush to nip out, yes was in regs, but im not sure if TA get issued same kit or as much.
    yes i know cadet csgt isnt really much to say, i practically was switched on, but i dont go on about it because it does more bad than good.
    I am going in infantry regiment "Wuffers" so would think different units etc do get issued different kit.
  14. Just turn up as if you were a civvy.

    And never begin a sentence with "When I was"
  15. hes not that commando plumber is he?