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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Woodman, May 5, 2006.

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  1. I have recently been attested and have been told that kit will be issued shortly. I was just wondering what kit I should expect and what items the QM can be 'reluctant' to issue?
  2. Depends on your unit to what and when you get issued in my experience having been in 2 lots.

    As with the reluctant bit most QMs I have heard of shed a tear at the thought of letting a pencil go!! But that's another story ;)
  3. It will be better than mine
  4. Well I've just been accepted on the DETAPO scheme after passing the selection weekend and we've been told that the RTC will be doing kit issue so that we can start TAFS1. So in answer to your question no unit as such still shopping around.
  5. 1 pair of boots. 1 set of C95, 1 smock, green belt, t shirts, socks, respirator, ******* gloves...that sort of stuff.
  6. If you don't have your own kit issue by the time TAFS1 comes around, then borrow what you need from other people in the unit. That's what I did. Get going as soon as you can. In theory you're supposed to have all your own kit, but I managed to scrape through the first weekend until I got my first kit issue between TAFS1 and TAFS2.
  7. our unit issue "gucci" black kit bags which you can actually use and base layer t shirts. However no such joy for those already serving as we are unable to exhange our old issue items for the new stuff
  8. especially if it has someone elses name tape on the chest 8O
  9. Is there a list of what you get and another (possibly larger) on what you don't somewhere?

    I am off to the stores on Monday to get my kit and am assuming that the RQMS knows his job and I will get everything I need and am supposed to. That said, I'd like a heads up before hand to know whether to take my car of the people carrier ;-). Do they publish a list anywhere by any chance?

  10. ^ UNICOM, but only to those with access.
  11. Are there OPSEC reasons for not posting it here, if so then far enough. If not then is it possible for someone to post it somewhere here.
  12. ^ I've not posted it because
    A. I dont have access and
    B. I've no idea exactly what should be on the list.

    Speak to your S/CQMS and I'm sure he/she will have a copy of said list.
  13. Without actually consulting my list it will normally be the following for commencing CMSR:

    Shirts CS 95 Temperate x 2
    Trousers CS 95 Temperate x 2
    Jacket CS 95 Temperate x 1
    Boots x 1 pr
    CEMO complete (webbing + bergan and side pouches, yoke and straps)
    Sleeping system complete
    First Field Dressing
    Socks x 3 pr
    Mess tins
    Nowegian shirt x 2
    T Shirts x 2
    Trainers army (crap) x 1 pr
    Roll Mat
    Gloves x 1 pr
    Belt Green
    Waterbottle and NBC top
    Gore Tex Jacket & Trousers

    Might also now have Jumpers and lightweights again 8O

    NBC Suit
    NBC Gloves Inner & outer
    NBC Boots
    Respirator & Haversack

    Might have missed something but sense of humour no longer issued as not used enough.

    NB all these will be on your flick so lose any of it and you will be billed, even if you claim you were never issued it so suggest you check to make sure you only sign for what you receive (even though you may not know what it looks like :D ).
  14. Sack,

    Thanks for the list. Now I just have to try and remember how to bull boots and things.