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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ryano, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. I was just wondering what kit will I be issued before my first weekend away? Soon I will get the call to go and collect some kit from the TA base before the first weekend away.

    The reason I ask is that I am in two minds as to whether or not to bike it the 4miles to the base or get a lift?

    I know a few of you will probably give me the 'ask your psi' answer but its sunday and he wont be working today!!

    Any help appreciated. Thanks
  2. Thikning back to what I was issued initially, I wouldn't have wanted to bike it back if I had another option.
  3. Depends on unit policy. May only get a pair of coveralls or the full issue. Makes sense to restrict issue to minimum for as long as possible, as people have a tendency to disappear. When you get the call, call them back and ask what you will be issued.
  4. If it's the selection weekend then just bike it. If you're starting your phase 1 then go by car. Unless you think you can carry webbing, bergan, holdall and all your kit while riding.
  5. It is my phase 1!!
  6. Your gonna want a car.

    You'll have a bergan, full of assorted goodies, a big black holdall, again, full of goodies, 2 big cardboard boxes with boots in and whatever other stuff the unit gives you. Bike won't be an option.
  7. Thank you all for the brilliant advice. I'll shall ask the future father in law for a lift.
  8. What sort of goodies can i expect? Do i get issued a sleeping bag and stuff like that? My little boy is hoping I get issued a rifle, told him thats not quite the case just yet!!
  9. You'll get all the kit you need (it wont fit - of course :roll: ) but that's the army for you :lol: . Dependent on what stage you are at, you will get to see, touch hold, learn about the rifle and no doubt one of your new muckers will happily take a photo of you holding it for your son. (My 'little' boy of 16 has a thing about the LSW so I always MMS him a picture of them whenever I go near one...just to p!ss him off :lol:
  10. Uniform (2 shirts, usually at least one of which is missing the union flag flash to see if you're paying attention. 2 pairs of trousers, usually complete with heavily ironed in tramlines from previous owner and obvious wear and abuse from nights in the field, so they're impossible to get looking half-decent)
    T-Shirt made of weird material that soaks up sweat and stinks even after 2 hours of death by powerpoint on a drill night.
    Boots (2 pairs, probably one pair missing it's laces) plus socks
    Kevlar lid and DPM cover thing. Won't fit and will slip down over your eyes the first time you do any running about.
    Bergen. Green is traditional.
    Waterproofs. May also be green.
    Field jacket. Green. Complete with annoying hood with metal bits in that sticks in your neck until you figure out what to do with it.
    Webbing, complete with lots of straps that make no sense and some pouches.
    Ear protectors. In green. (Why is everything green, even when it doesn't matter?)
    Towels. 2 of. Guess the colour? Yup, green.
    Sleeping bag and odd waterproof bag for it, in green. And a green sleeping mat and shelter sheet.
    Gloves. Black. I think they ran out of green dye.
    Respirator, useful for re-enacting 2005 Doctor Who episodes and scaring small children.
    Also black. (Why isn't it green?) Probably has a manufacture date of 1967.
    NBC noddy suit. Except it's CBRN now, apparently.
    Fcuk loads of other green clothing stuff I haven't even unwrapped yet.
  11. yea all the kit above is spot on as to what youll get!!

    only suggestion is that you buy yourself a couple of olive green t shirts from your PRI (not off the high street with some stupid design on the front). Ask someone at your regiment as the "vests" you're issued are totally naf, normally the wrong size and uncomfortable under a shirt.

    also another set of combats is also a must as most folk dont last long on 2 pairs look at cadet supply website youll find combat clothing there along with plenty other gucci bits of kit youll add to your collection over time served

    and once youve passed out a pair of lowas or other comfortable boots are suggested if youre not a fan of the issue ones or even pro boots, (sometimes issued for cold weather tours, look like issue combat highs but gore tex lined and sligtly more comfortable)
  12. Hi all. Thanks for the good words. I got my kit today. MAin question is how am i supposed to make the belt work? ie how do i put them four bits of metal I was given together to make a fastening belt?

    Also thought you might get stuff like a wash kit and a nice bergen to carry it rather than the black holdall?? Cant complain though, some nice new trainers :p
  13. okay, putting belt together;
    step 1, slide the two thin bits of metal onto belt.
    step 2, slide the two more complicated bits onto belt, on the outside of the first bits.
    step 3, fold the belt inwards over the back of the complicated bits.
    step 4, now, you should have a folded over bit either side, slide the thin bits of metal onto the folded bit, to pin it down and hold it in place.

    there you go! ajusting it at this point should be fairly self explanitary. and if you get confuzzeled, just ask.
  14. If they're doing it the same as my unit, you'll get Bergen and Webbing once TSC(A) dates are confirmed. I don't know but I'll hazard a guess it's because people lose kit otherwise.

    Chuck wet wipes in your wash kit/webbing too, handy for getting cam cream off - some staff won't allow it but you might be allowed!
  15. our webbing and bergens are kept in the sqn stores and only signed out when required i.e training weekend or exercise. Your bergan is, i think, personal issue but for simplicity is kept in unit stores.