Kit Issue trouble

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jimbleep, May 11, 2005.

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  1. Basically I've been issued kit that's far too big - I've asked the Q for a change of kit - and I've got either "you'll grow into them, eat more pies, they'll shrink la-di-*******-da" or a plain old **** off...

    My troop commander has had a word and says that there's **** all I can do really apart from just live with what I've got - but it's not workable, usable and I keep getting pulled up on parades for having too large kit. I'm seriously considering just going out and spending £50 - £60 on my own set - but really... Why the **** should I have to pay for it when he has the right sizes in the store and why the bloody hell won't he change it up for me?

    Who should I talk to about this - since I cannot reason with him, and are all Q's like this? :(
  2. yes all 'Q's are like that.
    this will not happen when you become of 'age'.
    don't talk to anybody about it...won't help.
    don't spend that much for your own set unless you're 'special'
    find a mate your size and barter for his.

  3. I have found in over a quarter of a century that if the kit fits as issued- You are Deformed!!!! :twisted:
  4. What main concern of Q should be:

    1. All men issued with correct kit and uniform in right size and acceptable condition

    What actual concern of Q is:

    1. Things look neat on shelves.
    2. Everything is nicely written down in the big book.
    3. If it's not a right angle, it's a wrong angle
    4. Don't let them men get their hands on the kit, it'll ruin the system.

    Storemen live in their own little world. I suggest you get together or get someone with stripes to get together a list for your platoon/troop/gaggle for your Q. He may be more inclined to do his job if he can do it all as a oner.
  5. It is just a sign of lazy git.
  6. I was always told,'' Stores are for Storing.''.
  7. Our storeman had two of us in when we got our kit issued and we had to try everything on for fit before he signed it over to us, he was pretty good :)
  8. When you get kit you must check it before you sign for it..

    Althougth i know some Q's that do get the arse but its tough sh*t really if youre called up for iraq or afganistan next year you won't want the wrong kit.
    Get it sorted they have to - if not go see your OC..
  9. No, not all Qs are like that, most are very much better.

    Speak to your Tp Comd again and leave him to sort it out. If he/she can't/won't then speak to your SSM. If you've spoken to all and are still being pulled up on parade by these same people then request an OC's interview through chain of command.
  10. 1. - Get your Tp commander to authorise a purchase, then someone will have to talk to the Q side.

    2. - Or, if you want to save on spending £60, offer the Q bloke £20 to do an exchange. Saving £40.

    3. - 1) then 2) - ask the Q bloke for a receipt and see how the system handles it
  11. Day 1 week 1. I rock up at stores to see QM. Known amongst the lads as Harry the Bast@rd. Handed Trousers.
    Me "Sir these are too big"
    HTB "I've been in the army 25 yeard i know what fcuking size you are or are you trying to tell me i cant do my job?"
    ME "No"
    HTB"Right now fcuk off"
    me "Thank you" :lol:

    If the kit really is that bad spill a bit of battery acid on it and get it exchanged
  12. Abacus is spot on. This is the correct way to deal with any problems you have within the mil system.

    Whatever you do, don't bother going to buy your own kit, unless you genuinely wish to supplement the kit issued to you (using the same sizes). This is because when your kit starts to wear out, the Q's dept will only replace kit listed on your Army Form G 1157 (colloquially known as an eleven-fiftyseven, which is your individual register of permanent equipment issue). The stock numbers listed for each item on your 1157 are unique to that size of that item, and so you will automatically get issued the wrong size, nomatter what size of item you hand in (assuming that the labels have worn out and are illegible - if the Q can still read them and the stock numbers don't match, surprise! he will probably f*ck you off).

    If you sort the problem out now, you will be doing yourself a huge favour in the long run.

    Good luck!
  13. Problem sorted - spoke to Trp Stf Sgt - he's had a whisper in the Q's ear - kit's going to be sorted in a couple of weeks when new load comes in!

    Thanks for all your comments - very much appreciated! :)