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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by indifferent, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Most of my Kit is now stored in a separate building from my house.

    Ive beefed up the security on it 'cough' a new padlock etc

    but im still a bit concerened as when it was is issued we were reminded about the replacement costs.

    However nobody has spoken to us about kit insurance.

    Are we expected to do our own thing??
  2. It's up to you fella, kit insurance doesn't cost a lot though, it's worth it for the peace of mind. It saved my skin about ten years ago when someone robbed a set of binos out of my room while on a course, saved me £600. Don't delay fella, it's your beer token's you'll lose if you leave it too late.
  3. thanks fella,

    who does kit insurance?
  4. If you type 'kit insurance' into Google you'll get all the info you need.
  5. What kit do you really need at home apart from uniforms ?
  6. He may be specialist TA. I've got everything i've been issued upstairs in my back room as we do not have drill nights or even a handy local TA centre.
  7. Get abacus, towergate wilsons wont pay out for acts of war which was hidden in the small print and only discovered after one of our lads had all his kit (laptop, ipod, camera etc) destroyed by a mortar strike.
  8. if you go on op,s its a must anyway if your on an ex in the uk and you put down those nvg,s or starlight scope on the rover bonnet then drive off mmmmmm who,s going to pay some stuff can be coverd on household policys even when away fm home check out you policy or your parents if u still live with them look for specified items cover such as bycicles parachutes clmibing gear etc
  9. Make sure you go with someone like Abacus or similar MILITARY insurance one as most of the Civilian companies like taking your premiums but when you mention it was lost/broken whilst do Army things they show you the small print. Its a must though and costs my son about £20 a month and me as a pad about £50 a month with built in life policies and accidental damage etc.
  10. Its worth checking with those that sell "military" insurance that they offer the cover you need! Towergate wilsons actually sell there kit insurance at RTMC, Harrogate and other training establishments and have been known to gloss over little caveats such as "acts of war" bit, and to be honest after sitting through brief after brief at RTMC who is going to look at the small print?

  11. I just had this with my lad who's just passed out at harrogate, I got his letter from ABACUS which had him covered for all sorts he didnt need. He said they just did a huge group presentation then had to sign a form, when he got the policy through he had things he didnt need on there. Things like this should be done person to person and all things about the policy explained in detail especially to 16-17 year old recruits. Its sorted now though.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Never had it, never needed to have it.

  13. That's because you have nothing worth nicking.
  14. Or capable of robbing replacements.....
  15. Gents, be aware many kit insurance providers have a max limit on items on temporary issue of £1000. This does not cover the total cost of CWS, spyglass, landrover etc ....However I understand that you only get charged 10-20% of the price of such items. Please correct me if I'm wrong