Kit insurance - what choices

I'm in need of some kit insurance, any recommendations? (Apart from Forces financial.)

Cheers in advance.
In fairness to Forces Financial, they've paid out everytime I've claimed and they did so in full with little grief other than that you can expect when you pay peanuts to some chimp in a call-centre.

They're absolutely fcuking useless when it comes to keeping their databases up to date though despite writing several letters and making several phonecalls informing them that I was no longer at a certain unit and could they please update their database.
I was with Forces Financial, added Computer, Glasses and Cycle cover years ago, just kept renewing every year.

I went to make a claim but mobiles and ipods now have to be itemised so are no longer covered.

Cancelled! Need a new one now.
Just a word of advice from someone who had a bad experience with Abacus, I would steer clear, I had some kit destroyed in fire in 2003, I made a claim and was told to send receipts, photos of me wearing the kit etc etc, this was sent and I got no reply. When I called Abacus about the matter they stated that they didnt have the receipts, photos etc and that it had been lost and without them nothing could be done. So no claim payout and I lost a lot of photos that had sentimental value to me that cant be replaced. After paying £20+ per month I was not impressed. Look for another kit insurer, there are alternatives.

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