Kit insurance, life insurance and mil exclusions

I'm in my 30s, have a mortgage, a life insurance policy and home contents insurance policy. It looks like I might have finally beaten the recruitment system and may be starting with the RN early next year, so I'm taking a look at my insurance policies and other affairs:

Kit insurance - during my time at RNAC I was told that taking out kit insurance was wise. I've done the odd search here and there (plus I think I was given a ballpark quote at the meeting) and IIRC I'd be paying roughly £10 pcm for it. RNAC now seems a long time ago and vaguely remember being told that replacing kit was about £1000. If these numbers are way out please correct me. If they're reasonable though, my instinct tells me that this is an actuary taking the piss. Currently I pay much less than £120 a year for my home contents insurance - which has much more coverage and includes accidental damage to property and loss of property whilst away from home.

What I'm particularly interested in finding out is if I need kit insurance at all - given that my home contents policy covers accidental damage and belongings away from home (upto a limit), what is the point in having a kit policy? It strikes me as being like a very limited and very expensive form of contents insurance.

When I took out my life insurance policy I was asked if I had any military involvement - at the time the honest answer was 'no'. There's no obligation to tell them if I change jobs in the policy and I've not found any exclusions for paying out relating to war/terrorism etc in the policy documents (insurer is Royal London FWIW). Is there a nasty surprise waiting for me (or rather, my partner) here or is this typically straightforward if you have an existing life insurance policy before joining?

Lastly, I don't yet have a will. I have a vague recollection of seeing a documentary where this was part of the joining process (I may well have imagined this). Do I need to organise this myself before joining?
Does your Home contents insurance cover you for items that you do not own as will be the case with any military kit you have? Does it have exclusion for items damaged during war, terrorist acts, etc.
As for life insurance, would you want to leave it to chance? Have you read through all of the terms and conditions? As a minimum, I would contact your insurer and ask them to confirm that your assumptions are correct.
You should not need to make a will before joining as it should be part of the joining process (or at least part of any deployment process). How does someone who seems as organised as yourself not have one already?
@PAXBloke may be able to assist.
In my opinion, it's always worth notifying your life insurance company of significant changes.

On kit policies, it's no big deal as you'll be offered a kit policy with a period of free cover whilst at either Raleigh or BRNC. So you can always take that and then decide later if you want to stick with it (i.e. before you start paying for it).

You'll also be offered the chance to complete a MoD will at HMS Raleigh/BRNC and this will suit many people. If life is more complicated (kids in previous relationships etc), it might be worth squaring your and your partner's wills away first.

Drop me a line if you have any questions :)



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