Kit Insurance - How Much?

Originally put into the finance section, but it occured to me that this might be the better location.

Have been looking into getting kit insurance for a pending deployment. However, how much should I be looking at insuring my stuff for? Can someone provide a value for the standard 1157 issue + MODACS?

I think Naafi insurance reccomend a minimum for issue kit of about 5000-6000 but i am out of date on this on top of that is any personal possesions like camera, laptop etc.

I would expect a premium for this of about £120 per year.

But as i say i am a bit out of date.
Rememer when you deploy on operations and send a "confy box" you can claim a refund of kit insurance to cover your equipment in transit for the journey out there and back. Just make sure your policy states clearly that it covers your kit "worldwide" and "in transit". See your admin office fopr details of claiming.
wg100 said:
Bump. Anyone able to assist?
I've had mine for about 14 years now from Abacus and not had any problems. (They usually have local advisors who will come and discuss if you need it (mine was in Germany)). Covers 1157 and all my personal stuff too. I'm paying about £16 a month but obviously that would depend on the value you decide to insure is.

The insurance refund mentioned by GrumpyGit (cant remember the proper name for it) is a flat rate of £41.50 EACH WAY!
So there's £83 to help straight away :D I've just had it and you normally just have to show the admin office your policy statement to prove you have cover.

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flatout said:
Try this one for size:-

Cost is £24.30 PA (£3k cover) plus £12.00 Admin fee. Policy excess of only £20 per claim.
I just called this company and it costs £63.98 a year for the reservist/stab policy for £3000 cover. I wonder why it costs so much more as a territorial to get your kit insured?
I tried adding my kit insurance on to my normal house insurance policy but military kit is classed as buisiness equipment so the Halifax won't insure it!

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