kit in public?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ab2k, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. Anyone help? What's the official rule re carrying kit/bergans etc in public? Is it illegal?
  2. Depends on who you ask:

    The first sea lord activly encourages personel to wear uniform in public as it helps with the image of the armed forces.

    Most, sane, people (me included) try to avoid it wherever possible. Why make yourself a target?

    The official guidance says something about not wearing rig in pubs and if worn in public, it must be worn correctly (head dress, not mixing rig & civvies, etc).

    Hopefully that answers the question. If not, I can try and dig out the official rules.
  3. Not illegal, although wearing your uniform may be against Brigade policy. Check your Part 1's, the current policy is published in them every few months.
  4. as for tabbing around with a bergan im sure its alright haul it around as long as ye dont take it in a pub :D
  5. Thanks for that guys. Mostly I was thinking about just carrying a bergan in public, and on public transport, rather than wearing any of it in the pub. Im in London and wondered whether perhaps rules were different for security reasons? Will certainly check out part 1s later though and see whether its just something specific to us.
  6. And of course, wearing uniform when not on duty or travelling to/from duty is almost definitely illegal. Depends on whether the law would take the view that if you're not being paid to be a soldier, then you aren't one and would then be impersonating a soldier.
  7. civvie bergan cover from an outdoors shop

    Bob's your uncle :D
  8. Carrying a military bergan whilst wearing civvies is going to be unavoidable at some point - unless you find some bright pink bergan cover to conceal it. Even chaps who were based at Duke of Yorks could be seen bimbling to Sloane Square Tube with kit. You just have to minimise the practice wherever possible. Some mates and I used to do bergan/boots fizz training in various London parks and open areas: but we substituted civilian bergans and wore tracksuits down over the tops of the issue boots.
  9. I dont think theres any problem with wearing civvies and carrying your bergan, after all, its not a restricted item, and they are freely available to the public.
    I still carry a medic pack around on public transport in London. I'm not a medic, but I hate mincing about with a laptop case, the medic pack has been doctored (pardon the pun) with some high-density foam, and has room for the customary 5lb of paperwork too.
    No one gives me a second glance.
  10. How about wearing CS95 when travelling from unit to home as technically being paid while travelling
    from your unit to your personal address. Up until that time of arrival you receive a wage so therefore
    I cannot believe this is illegal. At the end of the day I think it is personal choice as to whether you
    want to make yourself a terrorist target or not - if you want to be conspicuous you will be - otherwise
    cover yourself up.
  11. Definitely _not_ illegal. Even retired old salts can wear their uniforms, so long as they are still on the Retired List of one of the Forces.
  12. This will be covered in Unit SOPs. Some allow it, others don't. It also changes depending on the security threat.

    It's only personal choice if your unit allows it.
  13. I could be wrong, but I recall the ban on Uniform in public being lifted, something to do with keeping us in the public eye and trying to dispell the 'them & us' feeling. About 99/2000 ish? anybody else?
  14. For functions where the powers that be issue a directive that they can be worn. Can't be worn for a trip to Sainsbury's. i.e worn with permission, not from personal choice.
  15. 307

    307 War Hero

    Battery used to say, solely for the concern of the soldier's persec that if it's unavoidable to travel to the TAC in kit then wear a civvy jacket covering your top half, because at least then you are not blatantly a soldier and could carry it off as if you are just one of these types that wears 95 bottoms and boots. I think the biggest threat now isn't neccessarily terrorism more some wannabe hardman seeing you and thinking fighting a squaddy will make him look 'ard to his mates.