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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Vegetius, May 23, 2005.

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  1. OK, so I'm not in the army, but I do work in a fairly pressurised operational environment where we need good kit (and, shockingly, occasionally get it).

    For example, about six years ago there was a job on our squad where the I.T. and comms we had were shite. A mate of mine (a silver-tongued b@stard) just went up to a very senior officer and said "Guv, this kit is shite. This job is going to come seriously on top if we don't sort it out." An hour later he's off down to a specialist retailer buying some extremely Gucci kit using a company cheque for our team. If only that happened all the time.

    So, I was reading the debate about the new SA80A2 carbine but didn't comment or ask questions as frankly the level of expertise there was rather daunting (and my own non-operational experience of SA80A1 as a TA infantryman was shocking...and I'm left-handed).

    I've also seen those Yank websites where people send out body armour, better ammo and kit (etc) to guys in Iraq. Marine snipers posting on web boards "I need a new night scope, my issue one is cr@p" and some NRA people in Florida popping one in the post! Anyhow, the debate seemed to get curtailed by the (arguably) principled stance that you should have the best kit available versus the (arguably) pragmatic stance that you play with the hand your dealt to the best of your ability.

    We'll have none of this here, it's Fantasy Kit Island. So, I pose the question to you army people: in your trade, be it engineer, infantry, armour or artillery (or anything else) what weapons, comms, clothing, body armour and so on would you choose for your unit if utterly anything was available off the shelf?

    Be as technical/ spotter-ish as you like, I enjoy a steep learning curve.


  2. For the Signals -

    Sub machine gun instead of a rifle. Rifle's too long for being in and out of vehicles all day every day and it's not like we'll really ever have to shoot a gnat's cock off from 300 yards.

    Radios that work - Bowman would be nice if everything on it would work without frying everyone within 3 miles or killing the batteries in 10 minutes. I'm sure they'll get it right eventually, but they've been trying since about 1985 already.

    Replacements for the 43s

    Old combat trousers back instead of the thin cr*p that wears out in about a month
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Decent box of chalk, blackboard rubber and some NOBO pens for all the ACF staff.

  4. Blackhawks instead of lynx,

    And a free crate of stella per man per week! :lol:
  5. *engage spotter mode*

    for tankies and all other vehicle ridden personnel : I would go for the new MP7 that somehow (how the f*ck comes to mind) the mod plod have managed to get their mits on. (someone with the knowledge can prolly put a link to another thread on this forum here)

    I was speaking to a tanky who had been trialling the A2K (the stubby K) and he told me it was short (duh) but it was w*nk, after about 4 mags worth on the ranges, the flash eliminator is so close to the forward grip thingy that it becomes too hot to handle.

    pistols I would go for the HK family : mk23's for the big boys and .40USPs for everyone else, I know the brownings are reliable but how knackered are they getting now?

    **disengage spotter mode**

    basically kit thats comfortable and gets the job done- soldiers really shouldnt have to spend god knows how much on better kit- they should get it given to them in the first place...

  6. Kit that does the job and lasts is preferable to fancy Gucci items.
    The best, well who decides that, the Tom on the ground, the accountant, or the minister ?
    The Lee Enfield and the SLR where not the best of their day but did the job and if many on this board are to be believed niether is the SA 80.
    Land Rover, the old three tonner where also not the best but did the job, so does Tom need the best or just good basic reliable equipment.
  7. Meeooow! you bitch! :D Bored are we? :wink:
  8. DMS boots, puttees, KF shirts and an SLR. Sorted! Yeah, like I was satisfied with that scaling? :roll: MP5s for AFV crews, G3s for infy. UF/SAS 2000 Shadowstalkers* for ACF . :roll:

    *Currently available from McGrab Industries
  9. Beg to differ, old bean, but the Lee-Enfield SMLE & No.4 were indeed the best battle rifles in their day.

    Having now fired most 7.62mm service rifles, the SLR is the dog's dusters. The only thing that could possibly beat it is the AR-10, but that was never in full-scale production. The G3 is pants, but is shorter than the SLR.
  10. The Isrealies would disagree on the SLR.
    However my point is that a quality piece of kit that works is really what you want and not the latest novalty.
  11. super light kit...............everyhthing just small and light...............and works.thats always an added bonus..........body armour that's as good as american stuff...........compact comms..........and a rifle that goes bang when you press the trigger!!
  12. Rifle: H & K G36 - German technology (lots of add ons) - british owned!

    Land Rover replacement - Mercedes

    432 replacement - Warrior Comd Variant

    Boots - Any that fit and are suitable for the climate!

    Toilet Roll - soft!
  13. One of those electric invalid scooters.
  14. Two Sliding Doors and a Conveyor Belt........................You'll need to have some time under your belt to appreciate that one!.... :lol:
  15. a light in the back of the FFR

    a proper blackout kit for the FFR

    a chemical toilet that folds away into the side bin on an FFR

    bring back the SMG for radio ops

    a fridge for the FFR (instead of the compartment under the drivers seat)