Kit ID - Any Ideas?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by CC_TA, Feb 12, 2011.

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  1. Just been posted to an Armoured Inf Bn and I've found lots of bits of kit that are new to me and some that are bringing back a few horrid memories.

    Any of you Arrsers know what I should be using this for? :) (Nowt coming up for any of the makings/numbers - 80.99606-6003 05/07)


    Cheers peeps
  2. well its clearly one of them isn't it you know a thingamybob
  3. No idea what it's used for but it may be called a FLANGE, SUPPORT, PATCH PIECE (if the NSN is 2840 99 606 6003)

    According to ISIS anyway!


  4. its for pulling things - I think.
    You sequentially hook and unhook the three legs on the right in and out of a ladderframe or chain, and use the lever arm on the left to drag whatever is attached to the lowestmost hook toward the top of the screen.

    Failing that, its a speculum for a whale.
  5. been AI for 11 years never seen such a thing, unless it's off a panther which some units now use instead of CVRT (Comms platforms) definately not off Bulldog or CVRT.
  6. Adult Instructor?
  7. Pillager's right, it's a manual chain winch. Quite common here pre-WW2, along with human sacrifices and trepanning.
  8. I was not around Pre WWII - Can I have a gold star?
  9. Even better, you can have a wombat hologram to go on your pencil case. Won't that look nice?
  10. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Cable or wire tension lever, the only time I ever saw one used was on a Barbed wire entanglement at RAF Greenham Common in the days of the mad women,
  11. cheers dad