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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by rsm_rapist, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. I'm sitting down to write this with my plastic freshly dented from ANOTHER encounter with the Arktis catalogue (finally gave into practicality and decided to dump the PLCE in favour of a tac vest.) I have a general question: why in the name of god do I end up spending so much bloody money on stuff that should come as part of the issue?

    The MOD says that only 50% of soldiers buy extra kit to supplement the issue. I may be a STAB and things may be better in the Regs but I have certainly never been issued with a KFS, torch, knife, nyrex, OHP pen, chinograph pencil or boot cleaning kit. I've always had to buy my stable belts and a long list of other things that turn up on every kit list I've ever seen. But that's not what bothers me. What bothers me is inadequate kit issues and the Army waiting until everyone's bought something before they issue it (hydration systems for instance)

    Right, I feel better now I've had a rant. I'm off to pack my yeomanry issue belt kit (one ammo poch, WB pouch, Utility pouch. Wieghs F--- all but can't bungee anything together so it flaps around like a bag of S---.) 'cos the belt kit won't arrive 'till after the next ex.

    Anyway, let's have an ARRSE survey of whether you've spent your inadequate pay on stuff the Army should have bought for you.

    edit- any comments on Belt Kit vs Assault vest? My preference is toward vest, because when you are vehicle mounted you can sit down comfortably and when you're tabbing you can wear a bergan without your poches trying to invade your kidneys.
  2. I'm both heartened and disheartened to see that, so far, its 100% to the "YES" vote. That tells me two things:

    1. People will find the best tool for the job, irrespective.
    2. If people are not issued best tool for the job, they'll buy it.

    I'm heartened by the fact that people make sure the job is getting done, whether they get the best kit issued or not...

    I'm disheartened by the fact that it costs us money when it should be provided...................
  3. Boot kit etc is apparently covered by your X factor, oh yeah your TA too and we don't get paid X factor!!
  4. 100% yes so far, MOD statistics starting to look dubious. What a turnup for the books (not)!
  5. Apparently the bright new shout from Glasgow is that the fitness standards of the TA are going to be the same as the regs, only cos we're casal labour we wont get paid for achieving them
  6. My unit trialled the new TA APWT this year. Apparently people get pissed off when they lose their bounty for being a shi*e shot. So our lads just had to fire 10 rds in each fire posture on a 25m range. Oh well, it';s not as if the TA are being deployed overseas to highly dangerous warzones with ever-increasing regularity is it?
  7. Mate, as a serving regular soldier, all ive been issued is the same in webbing ...ebay provided me with what i need.

    yes i was issued KFS at basic, but then they get lost so either borrow from cookhouse or buy in tesco when needed... never been issued with a torch, penknife, nyrex( are kidding right?) chinagraph(too expensive for me to buy), but i can get OHP pens.

    Boot cleaning kit issued?

    You are having a Steffi Graf. thats what naafis are for.

    I do know of one individual who claims back haircuts, polish, brushes, shaving foam, razors from the inland revenue as these items are required for your job. I think its a bit cheeky but good for him.

    On the other hand, Ive recently been issued excellent coldweather boots, a reversible sand/olive softie type jacket, a windproof smock, because there is a perceived need for me to have them. S o Im not unhappy.
  8. It took a war in Iraq to start the widespread issue of decent kit, it's as if the MOD don't think it's cold on SPTA at 0330 in November.
  9. Quick help on the nyrex front. Get whoever demands your forms and publications to demand from LLangenech RAF form 443 Aircrew pocket book (A5 loose leaf binder), RAF form 443A (extra inserts) and RAF form 442 (A4 loose leaf folder, hardback, light blue). As these are forms they come off of a different budget to your stationary.
  10. If somebody has put "Stable Belt" on your packing list, don't worry about it! They're optional (seriously). Anyway, you'll just ruin it, so poke it. If you are told to put one on, ask them to pay for one...
  11. I think about 80% of my kit on ops or exercise is kit i have had to buy
  12. the 3% are either liars or yes men. Admittedly im only a stinking student otc scumbag but even that hasn't stopped me having to splurge the student loan on kit.

    - softy jacket (norges stop the cold , yeah right put that one up next to wet blankets stopping smg's)
    - patrol pack
    - leatherman ( have also became the flat pack king of glasgow cause of this one )
    - exercise watch
    - lowas
    - pocket rocket
    - hippo pad and extra pouch for my webbing

    My main rant has to be rankslides. When i started we had olive green slides with a single stripe. Then i was promoted and i had to buy new slides on olive green , then the rsm decreed that olive green's weren't to be worn, therefore i bought yet another set this time with a dpm background and white writing. Then a new rsm took over and said that dpm with white wasn't allowed and the writing had to be gold que yet another trip to buy some more slides. 4 years down the line i've gone through 4 sets of slides at a total cost of £36. :?
  13. msr

    msr LE

    And how much have you pissed up the wall on beer?


  14. I have drank some of my money away, and the rest has just been squandered.
    On a serious note all of the kit i mentioned has came in extremely useful in someway or another. After doing a week of fish and chips at whinny hill and shreading our boots on barbed wire, we were all put on show parade cause of the state of them and advised to have a set of parade boots and a set of field boots. Cause of the firemans strike we had only been issued one set of boots each, how can you win???
  15. found this on another site

    a couple of pairs of pro boots
    drill boots (nicely studded by me)
    a full NBC suit with overboots
    a webtex ultimax 135ltr bergen (which is always on loan to my brother in law)
    about 12 packets of american MRE's (nice with the real brandnames in them too, mmm m&m's)
    my milatary KFS set (the knife on it is more like a machete, lol)
    Assault vest of sorts
    Full webbing
    Brand New unissued rifle cleaning kit with everything you need
    1 Customised Smock
    1 'SAS' Windproof smock
    1 3L Camelpak Thermobak Water Resevoir
    1 Full Set of 95 Webbing
    DPM Washkit
    Para Smock

    all this belongs to one cadet :?