Kit = green, environment = sandy, paint = ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bits, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. Anybody got any recommendations for selecting the right colour paint to make my nice worn in DPM kit the right colour to blend in nicely for Kabul/Helmand???

    [I'm having a rare occurence of forward thinking] so if anyone has used a specific brand that seemed OK that info would be useful int.

    det :twisted: ail
  2. Don't bother painting your kit mate. It makes you look harry as fcuk. Even brand new DPM loses it's colour quickly. There will be that much dust on on it you won't need any paint.
  3. No need to paint anything mate. The dust will soon lighten your DPM kit. The only soldiers i know of who paint everything are usually the ones who just like to look different to everyone else (ally). They are usually the ones with 'all the gear and no idea' so to speak. Desert coloured bergans/daysacks or assault vests/webbing will not make you invisible from the taliban anyway.
    If you are intent on spraying your kit though, then primer spraypaint is really the only paint that doesn't get absorbed into the material.
  4. My lad used that primer spraypaint on his new custom-made chest rig before he went to Helmand. He had the bloody thing hanging in my hallway on a coat hanger for a week whilst it dried!
  5. ignore these two nuggets paint it, would u where green in the desert? no unless its at night, the dpm webbing makes an excellent aiming mark, u can always paint it back when return or flog it on while ur out there. try loam coloured ar a biege mixed in, it worked on telic.

    it doesnt make u ally it jsut shows attention to detail!
  6. And it's free!

    And very low in fat too.
  7. Yes paint it. You will become completely invisible! Listen to the sniper, he has 100 kills to his credit! :roll:
  8. He's got a point. Anyone who calls themself "sniper" clearly knows what his on about :roll:
  9. DPM may well work in temperate climates but desert DPM does not work so well in arid regions. In the desert there is nothing really to blend in with, unlike temperate climates where you have trees, scrub, long grass ect. You still stick out like a sore thumb in the desert no matter what kit you have on! A man patrolling in the open in Afghanistan or Iraq is just as easily spotted wearing DPM desert webbing/assault vest then his counterpart wearing temperate DPM webbing/assault vest which is covered by a fine layer of dust. I agree that desert clothing is better then the norm but painting webbing/daysacks and bergens changes nothing. Why is it that nearly all middle eastern countries don't wear desert kit such as the Israelis, Afghans, Iraqi forces (pre telic), Iranians ect ect....
  10. Dress like a local and hide amongst the women and children. Works for most Terrorist/Freedom fighters

    Uniform is just for those who think that they can change the world by imposing somebody else's will on the local inhabitants

  11. Listen to the 2 nuggets. They're in the know.

    Your kit will be covered in a fine dust, as willyou be, for the entire tour and well beyond. You won't need to paint your gear.

    However if it makes you feel happier.......

    Safe trip,

  12. How about the new BDU's the Spams are wearing, supposed to be worn in any environment (desert-temperate-jungle), looks ally and it seems to work.

    Not sure your CSM will see it the same way though ...
  13. OK .. We the West have spent how much on new Digital (Well the SPAMS and Canadians and Jerry’s and Danes have) and we the Uk we have the new lightweight desert pattern.

    So, just think a second. The Israelis have now got the new (or old) green?

    Why? cos it works in that environment as it gets covered in dust and oil and shit and well, works,

    Mind they also have the Mitznefet .

    So they have been fighting in a sand pit for many years and still have green uniforms but adopt a sack , to be worn on the helmet.

    Got to think? Why.

    Or is it Shape, Shine, Shadow, Silhouette, etc.

    They might know a few things.

    Like having a APC as big and tough as their MBT. Or a history of 30 years using those new UAV thingies or a lightweight inf weapon system or a ....
  14. Hi fellers, I'm on a break to see the kids after getting an emergency call up to the reserves
    We are around The high Israeli Negev desert , there is only rock mountains and no shade , Our green uniform gets covered in dust and grime , not bad but are still a bit too dark during the day , At night they work very well ,a desert pattern on the helmets breaks up the shape .
    Bits of hessian ,mesh and elastic bandages dyed in tea to "brown" them up on the m-24' rifle work very well.
    I just laid out a Hessian 2x 2.2 sheet that I made and added colour to it by dripping fabric dyes over it ,a bit like the German camo ,to break up the out line ,simple , cheap and easy to do .
    I'll be making for my friend's in another reserve unit a couple of dozen mitznefot for their helmets before going back.
    I think its not a bad Idea to be kited out in the same colour as your mates so not to draw attention to your self , but also to carry a personal camo netting to make a quick hide.
    yours Adam A bit of camo and so on from Smamit
  15. yes i bloody do!
    each to is own, or in both of your cases up each other by the sounds of it!!