Kit for Weather in Basra this time of year.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by andyb, Feb 21, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, off to Iraq, now I've only ever been in the summer and I'm well kitted out for that, but not sure what the weathers like at the moment and the next month as I've not got a lot of room for anything other than cameras and transsmision kit...


  2. Cold at night, hot in the day. I went at this time of year for a six months tour, and ended up lugging a load of warm kit around with me for months. Suffer without it if you can, won't be for long. Before you know it it'll be 35c through the night.
  3. A decent pair of boots with a stiff sole and capable of putting up with claggy mud from hell. A decent windproof mid layer such as a Buffalo or Montane jacket, these will also give you a little protection from light rain. If you are a civvie (which i think you are) then any outer layer should be robust but not too expensive, its likely to get trashed. Trousers, kill to birds with one stone and take zip off trousers so they can become shorts in the spring.

    Gloves and a decent lowe alpine hat too i reckon.


  4. I'm in Bas at the moment. Just think UK Spring/Autumn and you won't be far wrong. When it rains it tends to lash down and the sand turns to claggy mud as OB said. But it's not as though it's freezing or anything. Maybe 6 to 9 degrees at night and high teens, low 20's during the day. Depends on what the wind is doing. Frankly some zip off trousers, two pairs of boots (just in case you want to let one lot dry out if you do get caught in the rain, and a fleece or two with a set of waterproofs will do you! PM me if you want more gen.

  5. Like he says but also pack a hardened stomach as the yanks take over the defac soon :x :x
  6. Hi all thanks for the reply's, so you all thing good waterproofs including trousers are a must? I've good boots, I'll take some gators, and my buffalo.

    Kind Regards


    As to food, nothing can be as odd as Blueberry Muffin Corn dogs (basically a hot dog saussage wapped in blueberry muffin and deep fried) I had those in Shorabak can't even find such an item on the internet so god knows who came up with such a bizare mutant.
  7. [​IMG]

    It's no wonder the cnut died...
  8. Thats ******g magic, I've got to get some od those just to prove I didn't imagine the things...


    Are you guys on Antimalarial's yet...