Kit for the Sandpit

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by GSSigs, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. Off to the sandpit in next few months.

    can any one suggest items that you would take as extra to the usual issue kit?

    Do we get issued Softie Jackets?

    How many shirts/tshirts/trousers are you issued?

  2. Dont take your softie mate you will not need it . Nor an issue sleeping bag . Plenty of sports kit.
    You should get 4 sets of desert DPM and a stackful of t-shirts . One top tip mate and dont laugh
    get on the sunbed a couple of times a week honest it helps .I will be joining you on Telic 8 so any more ???
    pm me .
  3. i'm on the same one as well so same goes for me. i was also there on telic 2 so know what to expect
  4. Hmm,

    I remember our entire Unit made the massive mistake during GWI of leaving all our warm kit behind! the Desert? Cold?!!! You're having a giraffe aren't you?

    A couple of weeks later Silvermans etc. must have made a fortune in warm clothing deals!!!
  5. msr

    msr LE

    I don't recall shivering in Basra between April and November...

  6. Well this will be my 3rd full tour in Iraq .Telic 1 and Telic 5 .In my experience for a summer tour there is no need what so ever
    for any cold weather kit . A winter tour ,,, well that is a different matter all together . GW 1 was in the winter so i remember .
  7. String vest and an umbrella.

    Dinner Jacket and cocktail shaker if you are at the APOD.
  8. fishing rods and snorkelling gear if at the palace :wink: after all thats all they do there isnt it :lol:
  9. I recall the palace being a frightfully boring place. For fun, you can go on the roof of the cookhouse and see how long it takes for a gunner to charging after you!
  10. Correct, September til March...

    was in Basrah in May and you are right it gets 'Feckin Hot'!!!
  11. Yup. When we were young and foolish, we were young and foolish. However ISTR the time of year may have something to do with it! and the frequent clear skies at night.
  12. The thread starter said in the next few months he will deploy, if that entire deployment only covers up to November then they can take on board your advice...

    It gets fooking freezing at times. Even if it stays warm all the time, you're gonna need a decent warm top if you're flying back to Brize.

    You might wanna take a set of goggles, sunglasses, Shemagh, patrol pack, camera - a decent one in a bag and a few of those cheap disposable ones - if digital; take spare memory cards, GPS, a few good books, radio, head torch, electrical extension cables and kit insurance!

  14. CC_TA's list is a good starting point. Take a laptop if you have one with plenty of DVD's. Would reccomend taking IPOD also. Warm kit = wooly pully (infinatly more distinguished than a softie)
  15. Bet you a naafi pizza you will not wear your warm kit .And who wears an issue softie at brize . Come on
    where is your street cred ?