Kit for the Sandpit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by GSSigs, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. Off to the sandpit in next few months.

    can any one suggest items that you would take as extra to the usual issue kit?

    Do we get issued Softie Jackets?

    How many shirts/tshirts/trousers are you issued?

  2. your certainly not gonna need your softie unless its as a pillow. i am going on a few months as well and have already experienced one summer in that hell hole. its gonna be fcukin hot mate so prepare yourself for it. it got to 63 C whilst i was there. think about it

    you might want to invest in a decent pair of desert boots rather than rely on the issue pair which you may or may not get issued.

    a good quality set of goggles, a gameboy or playstation, portable dvd player and that sort of kit to while away the time in between stagging on. dont take many dvd's and cd's out with you as you can buy them cheap out there and oonly take copies rather than originals as they will be wrecked eventually cos of the dust and sand etc

    some guys bought airbeds but i didnt bother as you soon get used to the campbeds

    have a good one mate
  3. re goggles I thought the ESS versions and sunglasses were now on issue??

    The latter can be picked up on Ebay for about £10 to £15 , and are top(use them for cycling)..the goggles are pricey

    DVD player a must, they play MP3 CD's as well, ... yep don't buy CD's or DVD's plenty out there.

    We used to use wetted socks to keep plastic bottles of water cool,.. might sound daft, but were more efficient at cooling than Camelbak,(although the latter is more practical for out on the ground and are issue).

    Be safe whatever!
  4. This topic has been covered in the last two or three months with some useful suggestions.

    Try searching for "deployment".

  5. this topic has been done loads...plenty of info one here
    -make sure you take a couple of shirts, as you probs wont ever wear ur jacket
    -digital camera+some spare memory cards
    -laptop is very useful, but depends on where youre staying
    but the most important thing
    dont forget youre rifle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  6. Fusilier, forgetting about cost for the sake of this exchange, could you make a recommendation as to what would constitute the best, or at least in your experience, most comfortable and reliable, pair of desert boots one could buy in lieu of issued ones? I have no doubt that this has been discussed ad nausea before, but I would appreciate your opinion, as I too will be tromping about the desert later this year. (Several people on ARRSE recently suggested an old early nineties favorite, the Ghillie Tie Desert Boot, to which it seemed they had formed an almost spiritual attachment!)
  7. I'd definately bring a softie jkt! I've done three tours in Norway but none of them was as cold as the Iraqi desert at nightime on Telic 1 which was around the same time of year you'll be going. Even wore my NBC bottoms it was that cold! :cry:
  8. You are going to be issued more kit than you can shake a stick at, including:

    Softie jacket and trousers (reversible)
    Desert smock
    3 x sets desert combats
    Tee shirts
    Desert socks
    Desert boots
    Black daysac
    Massive black grip
    Ballistic goggles (plus extra lenses)
    Ballistic sunglasses (plus extra lenses)
    Sweat rags
    Mozzie net tent
    Patrol pack
    Assault vest

    When you get to theatre you can also expect to see the new assault vest and the new body armour. As for gadgets, a PSP seems to keep most people amused.
  9. Good to see you are using your time well CS. You should be hunting those pesky kids who fired at me the other night!

    Safely home now, thanks for all your wonderful hospitality!!
  10. Meindl Desert Fox Boots, between £80 & £100. Very very good.

  11. Has any one here got experience with kit issue for afghan? Going out soon but I guessed it would be much the same as Iraq.


    T C
  12. You guessed quite right. It is exactly the same. Best of luck on your tour. Don't pay too much for your carpets - and safe return.

  13. I agree with aes69 these bad boys take some beating

    "Meindl Desert Fox Boots, between £80 & £100. Very very good"

  14. just signed for all my dessie kit, very impressed. Gucci goggles and glasses, loads of decent dessie clothing incl windproof smock, camelbak in brit dpm, magnum dessie wellies. Glad i didn't buy any of my own kit, this lot will see me sorted, and i get to keep it all when i get back as well. I got a brand new CBA and plates as well, they want that back though. Bugger!
  15. yeah shame they didnt get it right first time round!!!!