Kit for the Sandpit Part 2

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by GSSigs, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. as mentioned previously, off to the sandpit soon. Things keep coming into in me head.

    I am going as a driver. Will i be issued an Assault vest or will I have to dip into me pocket?

    Thinking of another pair of desert boots too, any recommendations to which?

    Thanks again GS
  2. You should be issued an assault vest. We were issued them in theatre - I was issued 2 (if you don't get one let me know).

    However, I found a chest rig more useful - I carried too much crap in the assault vest.

    On boots, its a personal preferance. I got a second pair of issue boots (its helps to know people). Some guys used KSB's, other altbergs.
  3. Agree with calamity, all of the drivers I know didn't like vests, I only drove a few times out there and the issue vest I had annoyed the hell out of me. I didn't carry much but things like extra ammo just got in the way in the vest.

    The magnum dessy boots are good bits of kit as well!
  4. I agree with the capt . You will get an assault vest but you can get chest rigs
    for about 45 quid in uk , they are about the best thing you can get if you
    are a driver . As for the boots well capt in spot on stick with the issue magnums
    they do just the job out there , people spend loads of cash on civvy desert boots
    but unless you are ''foot slogging'' in the inf or dismounted cav you dont need them .
    The magnums are good enough . See you out there .
  5. Don't fall into the "must have gucci kit" mindset of buying desert dpm chest rig / vest. Normal temperate kit is perfectly suitable. The assault vest is temperate.

    Its also worth having a good day sack. Its hard to beat the issue NI patrol pack. I don't believe you will be issued one though - I certainly was'nt (yes, I asked. Also tried it on at the window on NO in theatre). Again, stick to temperate dpm
  6. Quite right.....within a few days it'll be so covered in dust you wouldn't know it was green to start with.
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Good points there, your best price on a new one is found here.

    I prefer this daypack, it's been updated since the photo was taken with the addition of the Inf bergan front pouch. Still the same price though.


    Again, go for the temperate DPM.
  8. msr

    msr LE

  9. Do not forget a good digital camera so you can download any 'interesting pics' of a 'dubious'theme direct onto a computer when you get back,prevents an embarrassing trip to Boots/truprint etc and you appearing in the Scum.
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Aye MSR, there's room for the lid & CBA.
    It's as bombproof a daypack as you'll get, all materials are MilSpec too.

    Your DuBora link has no image, but it sounds like the same or a very similar item. Just the price is slightly different:
    DuBora = £75.- (incl vat)
    ARRSE = £47.- (incl vat)

    You pays your dosh & takes your choice...
  11. 3 Months?! My the shoulder strap on mine went before I even left RTMC (think it went on the way back from the ranges), I think it's a well ment attempt at a multi-use daysack... that doesn't work!

    The patrol packs were starting to be issued mid way through Telic 6 at the unit I was with, although someone thought everyone would steal them and so made it hard to get hold of them. Personally thin kthey should be on general issue as they were at the unit I was with before I left the army.
  12. The black daysacks are a waste of money. It would be better just to issue the patrol pack and have done with it.
  13. Other top bit of kit is a 2nd body armour cover.

    A digital camera is a must - but not some £500 fandango snapper. Something compact with hard case for it is probably a good ieda.

    Waterproof bags are a good purchase. The Ortleib ones with foldover / velcro fastening are great. They will stop sand from getting into MP3 player / camera / etc.
  14. Best kit? Well that list could go on for ever as every squadie has his/her pref. The best thing to have about you? Your sence of humour, you and your mates will need it. The family works! But above all the training works (if the kit dont). Enjoy your Op and come home safe. Regards.BHB