Kit for the sandpit Part 2

as mentioned previously, off to the sandpit soon. Things keep coming into in me head.

I am going as a driver. Will i be issued an Assault vest or will I have to dip into me pocket?

Thinking of another pair of desert boots too, any recommendations to which?

Thnaks again GS
I thought they were issuing assault vests??

I was a driver Op Telic 2 and I would say an assault vest is a must have, you have everything you need within it. If you have to buy, make sure the type you buy is IRR covered. A good civvy GPS for emergencies is also worth a thought, ie if you get lost,(Iuse a Garmin Legend £110 on Ebay).

Boots,... I wore issh, they were ok, but a couple of lads bought US issued boots and thought they were brill.

Don't know what the new ones are like.

Enjoy the sun.
Definitely bring at least two pairs of boots, saves your feet going into the same sweaty prison every day and gives the boots a chance to recover. If you do buy US issue boots make sure you get decent insoles, I found them to be comfortable but the soles were not cushioned very well. Make sure you look after your feet.
Get a decent pair of plain black sunglasses that cover your eyes properly, don't worry about getting the latest Oakleys (I served with RWF on Op Telic 4 and they banned designer sunglasses).
Decent LED head torch with red filter, Petzl? make one (cost about £20).
Bottle of Febreeze so you can make your body armour cover sort of smell pleasant. I got issued two thick shirts which at first I though was bone, then I realised that they absorbed the sweat better than the thin c95 shirts.
Lots of lads ended up just stripping their webbing down to the belt, ammo pouch and water bottle pouch for sundries and keeping any other kit in day sacks. Try a chest rig.
Don't cut your bush hat down, the idea is to keep the sun out of your eyes which many didn't think about.
Set up a hotmail/yahoo address for e-mail.
A decent camera is vital, I used a Pentax Optio S which is literally the size of a pack of cards but still takes pictures at 3.2mega-pixel. Though I believe there are newer models which have better resolution and are still small enough to be practical. Lots of memory cards, and make sure you take pictures at every opportunity (obviously not when you're supposed to be doing other more important stuff like driving!) you can always delete any you don't like but can never take ones you think after the event would have made good shots.

Multi-band radio for listening to BFBS Radio 1 and 2 or even the World Service.

Credit card for when you see the portable DVD player, Laptop computer, MP3 player in the NAFFI or PX. I bought a laptop in the PX at Camp Bucca (US camp near Um Qasar/Kuwaiti border), cost the equivalant to £520 (approx. cost in UK £700), did have a US plug on it but buy a travel plug from boots/maplins and no problem. (Sockets in UK bases are UK 3 pin). Extension lead with 4 sockets would be handy as well, as my multiple clubbed together to buy a TV and DVD player out there and you won't get enough sockets for everyones kit to be used at the same time (saves arguing).

Toiletries can be bought out there, you'll use a lot of shower gel so bring a couple of bottles of that and plenty of razor blades otherwise no need for any excessive amounts. Buy a couple of Pak-Towels (blue ones from Millets/camping stores) they take up very little space and are as good as a traditional towel (make sure you get a couple of large ones). Pair of walking sandals/flip flops.

Bring a few pairs of decent quality casual shorts, with pockets and sports shorts. A pair of Crag-hopper walking trousers (where you can zip off the lower legs to create shorts) will also be useful and a single sweatshirt, especially when you get back on leave and you may need to travel in civvies (with your big green bergen and black kit bag!).

GPS is handy, I used a Garmin e-trex which gave me co-ordinates in whatever format I desired (Lon/Lat, MGRS etc). And mark your home grid before you leave so you know how far away it is, handy if you decide to put a marker post in camp.

Expedition 50+, insect repellant. I also used wristbands impregnated with DEET which I found quite effective.

Oh almost forgot, MOUSE TRAP! If you are in TDA you will get mice, I had traps sent over to me and even hired them out for a dollar a night or a couple of cans of coke.

Oh and don't rush to complete Op. Bronze in the first week, I kept my sleeves down and trousers on in the day for the first two weeks and gradually increased exposure to the sun after that, you'll have 6 months to get that all-over glow. No point getting charged for having been sunburned and therefore unfit for duty.

When you go to Chilwell, make sure you bring your TA pay slips (I'm assuming you're a fellow part-timer) and your regular employment payslips. Because I did Phase 2 and two camps in 2003 and most weekends, I claimed I'd be missing out on about £3k due to being on op's, the admin people agreed and that was factored into my wage as well. Remember you pay tax, so it's just getting your own money back!

And lastly, if morale breaks out on camp remember to hand it in to a senior NCO or Officer and nothing more may be said!

Good luck.

Excellent responses, thanks for all the tips.

Im looking forward to gettin into it.

Thanks again
Going out soon myself and have been putting thought into the kit to take problem. High on my list are a good set of gloves, long sleeved shirts (I'll be in civvies) ballistic eye wear and good boots. As your man says nothing worse than putting on a shitty sweaty pair of boots, also look into getting a few decent pairs of socks that wick that the sweat from your feet.
The gloves, shirts and eye wear are because rumour has it guys are getting flash burns from IED blast waves (rather hot) coming in through the air vents on the vehicles.
If you can get them and get away with wearing them, KSB Outbacks are great boots.


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the_monkfish said:
Don't cut your bush hat down, the idea is to keep the sun out of your eyes which many didn't think about. you'll look a complete Kent in all the "battlefield tourist" pics. :lol:

...If I was going to a hot sandy place again (which I ain't) I'd take the trusty showerbag - YES THEY DO WORK - some pegs (unless you're right on top of the laundry it'll take about a week to turn around - so you'll end up dhobeying your own kit in a bucket...ARGH nothing to hang it up with ! ) and look around in UK for a bottle cooler which will take a 1.5 litre plastic bottle.

You may be tempted to leave your issue roll mat behind.....don't: if nothing else its handy for bronzing!

Don't bother buying a Camelbak - you should get issued one and unless you're doing VCPs all day you won't REALLY need one.

The issue socks are pretty good - but very thick.....some of our guys bought gazillions of thin sports socks and threw them away when they got revolting....depends if you're going to be doing a lot of walking or not. If you're on your feet A LOT, then stick with the issue ones (not the green things, the cotton rich desert jobs)

Take a couple of your regimental PRI tees with you to swap with the Cousins, TAN if they stock them - I guarantee you'll come back with something that says
" Screaming Eagles - Death from Above - HOOOYAH ! " or some such in return.....

Lastly, If I was going, I'd want to take an Internet-enabled laptop (which MIGHT require a Sat-phone connection in Afghanistan !!!) just to keep track of ARRSE :lol:

Enjoy - be safe, THINK about what you're doing. Dead heroes are tuppence a gross - a live YOU is unique!

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