Kit for sale

Reposting this as the original seems to have disappeared.

Off to the sunshine and selling some kit that's probably out the price range of a cadet so thought I'd offer it to professionals. No guide price really but don't expect you to take the piss.

3 lots.

Lot 1 - Snugpak Antartica 2C. As new condition

Lot 2 - Mixed PLCE and SASS Webbing rig. Consisting of:

- Yoke (PLCE).
- Belt (PLCE.
- Utility pouch (PLCE).
- RH Commanders Pouch (SASS).
- LH Double Ammo Pouch (PLCE).
- Waterbottle Pouch (PLCE).
- Rhodesian Belt Pouch (SASS).

Lot 3 - SASS Allide Webbing rig. Mostly unavailable now and supplied with the contents as shown minus the magazines (obviously). Consists of:

- Yoke.
- Belt.
- Belt Support Pad.
- RH Commanders Pouch.
- LH Double Ammo Pouch
- Waterbottle Pouch.
- 2 x Rhodesian Belt Pouches (at rear).
- Contents as shown in pic.


I think buying a second hand sleeping bag requires a certain degree of confidence that ...............
A sleeping bag will have been drenched in body fluids if used. At best it will have been soaked in sweat proberly a bit of urine, seaman excrement possibly vomait. But you should be offay with all of the above unless you are american or something.
most sleeping bags used by the military,, are issued and reissued so many times,, i dont think its a drama,, just dry clean it if your a poof.
can you detail what the odds and sods are with lot 3.

how big are the waists on the webbing to fit the pouches on?

have you considered selling the contents of webbing seperate???

Please can you give some guide prices?

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