kit for sale -

I have an arktis sigma battle vest up for sale. It is used, the dpm is slightly faded but there is no other damage to the rig. Arktis actually don't make this product anymore either, the vest is made form 50/50 rip stop material and it has the following pouches:
4x Arktis Ammo Pouches and magazine separators (each pouch takes 4 mags and is adjustable)
2x Arktis Slant Utility Pouches
2x Clip ammo pouches
2x Cylume ancillery pouches
1x Rope pouch
2 small zip pouches
2 large map pouches
1 interior document pouch
2x 9mm magazine pouch
camelback pouck on the rear
heavy duty grab handles
padded shoulders
wide belt loops with velcro/pop stud closure

I also bought a padded arktis composite belt for it too (which fits plce webbing well) to add a belt kit, the vest acts as the yolke if that makes sense.

£70 is what im looking for, sensible offers welcome



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