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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by 1906johns, Sep 10, 2011.

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  1. just left the Army and i have some buckshee kit knocking around if anyone is interested ? I am open to reasonable offers with regard to price and i can send photos of all the kit on request.

    DPM arktis sigma ops vest - great condition although some of the dpm is faded. otherwise al good, looking for £80 ONO

    dpm webbing - full set (2xdouble ammo,2x utility, 1x OG fold out trauma pouch, hippo pads, OG bayonet frog,padded yolke, utility strap around back pouches) its faded and well used but no damage - £25 ONO

    DPM arctic SF smock, armpit and hip venting zips, fleece lined pockets, mesh lining, wired hood velcro cuffs,drawcords at waist and bottom, additional compass pouch on top left chest pocket. as new £35 ONO

    magpuls - 12 i think, brand new £12 for the lot

    OG osprey admin panel - velcro front with pistol mag pouch and paperwork holder thingy, elastic cord along front. brand new £6

    any questions feel free to contact me
  2. I may take the webbing off you. Will see if my niece still needs some.
  3. Remove you private email and Mobile number you mug, get people to PM you then you can decide if the are gen.
  4. You did not think of offering them to anyone in the G4 Branch or your friendly QM?
  5. yeah i did but no takers..
  6. wilco. im new to this forum stuff,bear with me please
  7. What size is the smock? and I'm very interested in the webbing, how do you want payment? Paypal? Will it be posted or ?
  8. KUG if that smock is not your size P.M me coz I've got one for sale.
  9. Why would he, or indeed why should he? It only goes off to textile companies or is burnt. Nearly every single bit of kit I was issued, except my old shitty junior leader's issue, was retained and sold on ebay. Cheers easy.
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  10. Did you not think of removing his email and phone number from your message after he did?
  11. payment via cheque or paypal, cash if you want to collect in person otherwise posted at cost. the smock is 170/104.
  12. photos of the kit - thought this may save a bit of time for you all

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  13. my actual measurements are 170/86 so probably a bit too big on the chest. Definitely interested in the webbing where abouts you from for collection if not delivery?
  14. just a quick update, the smock is gone now. cheers Alex
  15. My niece doesn't need the webbing apparently. Thanks anyway.