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Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by CornedBeefHash, May 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I have a big mass of kit that I have been given and gathered from my loft that I'm selling. I'll take (Serious) offers and postage.


    Mk 6 helmet with cover
    OG Poncho
    Ear Defenders
    Bush/ Jungle hat
    Rifle Sling
    x3 L85 A1 cleaning rolls with a few parts (all different)
    58 Patt water bottle
    single ammo pouch
    An assortment of RAF Regt badges
    x2 Thermal shirt size 108/L
    Thermal Long Johns size 97-108
    Thermal Long Johns size 85- 96/L
    CS95 Combat Jacket size 170/96
    Norweigen top size approx 96
    DPM Double Ammo Pouch
    Royal Marines Beret
    MVP/ Goretex jacket 170/104
    ACF OG Brassard
    Goretex leather gloves size 8
    goretex leather golves size 10
    x2 assault boots size 10m
    Royal Rifles beret size 58

    Just PM me with an offer and we'll go from there.

  2. Do I take it, that since you've included RAF Regiment badges in your list, that all of this kit is unused?

    Only pulling your leg. Do you really need the brass, or would you consider parking the surplus with your local ACF?
  3. LOL.
    I looked into my local ACF... It burnt down a dew years back, apparently someone left the heating on in the ammo store after a party and it all went Kaboom!!!
    Luckily no one was hurt.
    But the party was a blast.

    I'd like the money, personal isues.
  4. Mk 6 Helmet!!!!

    I hate being a 15 YO w/o a Card...

  5. I think what BevisRory is trying to say is that he would allow you to dry bum him if you let him have the Mk6 helmet, probably just let him wear it for the Arvo and he'd bend over faster than Jarod, as he is too young to have a credit card or similar. 8O
  6. Join the Army!
    Get paid to wear your Mk6 Helmet!
    Everybody's happy!
  7. Uhh, hate to be the big headed one but I have a MK6 a... The mk6 was given to me by a mate you found no use for it.
    So, I guess everyone is still happy???
    Unless there is a problem?